Teen Sends Changing Room Pics To Wrong Number, Ends Up Helping Child Fighting Cancer

Mar 18 | 50 sharesEmma Guinness

We've all experienced the slightly embarrassing faux pas of calling the wrong number at least once. Our automatic response is usually to apologize before abruptly hanging up.

But when a girl named Syd accidentally sent pictures of herself to the wrong number, she'd no idea that she'd get such an incredible response.

As so many people do, she sent pictures of herself in a dress that she was contemplating buying to a number she presumed belonged to a friend in order to get a second opinion.

alt Credit: Mandi Miller / Twitter

Little did she know that she was going to get a second opinion from a stranger - more specifically, the father of six young children.

alt Credit: Mandi Miller / Twitter

This incredible response was followed by a picture of five of the man's six children giving Syd their seal of approval.

alt Credit: Mandi Miller / Twitter

Unbeknownst to Syd at the time, her reaction to the surprise response was going to change the sixth child's life in a way she could have never imagined when she sent screenshots of the conversation to her friend Mandi, who posted it on Twitter.

Because most people would ignore a text from a stranger as a standard response, or complain about having received it unsolicited, it didn't take long for Mandi's tweet to go viral, with people around the world praising the then-anonymous father for his kind reply.

Twitter users couldn't help but point out how cute it was.

Others simply took it as an example that good things can be found in the most unexpected and accidental of places.

One Twitter user comically pointed out the fact that the message could have seriously been taken out of context if the man's wife had read it and assumed that Syd wasn't a stranger.

After the Tweet went viral, the anonymous family behind it came forward to add that the children's mother also approved of the dress and the heartbreaking reason why their sixth child was not in the picture.

Sadly, the man's second youngest child, Kaizler, was unable to be in the picture because he's fighting Leukemia. The father then took the fame which his reply had garnered as an opportunity to promote the Facebook page that was raising money to help pay for his son's medical bills.

Another Twitter user provided a link to the boy's GoFundMe in the hope that Twitter would "do its magic" and help raise funds for Kaizler.

The father then thanked this stranger and attached a picture of Kaizler giving a thumbs up.

True to form, Twitter did not disappoint, and Kaizler's GoFundMe has now surpassed its goal.

This story is a testament to the fact that you should always be kind. You never know who you are going to make smile in the process, or how it could unknowingly impact someone's life for the better.

We would like to wish Kaizler all the best in his fight against Leukemia.