Teen Flies Through The Air At 172 MPH In High-Speed Formula Three Crash

Nov 18 | 1.2K sharesEmma Guinness

When it comes to the sporting world, it's no secret that some pursuits are a lot more dangerous than others. Usually, the more dangerous activities like horse riding come with an age limit, and there are others, like car and motorcycle racing, which are off-limits to the younger generation completely. Why? Because they're unpredictable and one wrong turn or slight mechanical failure can lead to life-changing injuries, if not death, as recently proven by a 17-year-old's horror crash.

The incident took place on Sunday at the Macau Grand Prix when the German teenager Sophia Floersch was competing in a Formula Three race. The 17-year-old lost control of her car at a sharp bend and hurled through the air at a whopping 172 mph into an advertisement - much to the horror of the hundreds of spectators watching from the stands.

To see the horrifying crash for yourself, check out the video below:

As the video above demonstrates, fans feared the worst, but a few hours later, the teen took to Twitter to reveal that she was alive, however, she had suffered extensive injuries and would be undergoing surgery after fracturing her spine. She was not the only person injured either, another driver, a marshal, and two photographers were hurt too.

alt Credit: Twitter / @andreascseh

"Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into surgery tomorrow morning," Floersch wrote on Twitter.

"Thanks to the @fia and @hwaag_official @MercedesAMGF1 who are taking great care of me," the 17-year-old continued. "Thanks to everybody for the supporting messages. Update soon."

alt Credit: Vietbao

The Van Amersfoort Racing driver lost control of her vehicle while driving into the Lisboa bend while in 16th place at the Formula Three Race. She subsequently clipped a rail and crashed into the back of fellow racer Jehan Daruvala's car.

Floersch then hit Sho Tsuboi's vehicle and went flying through the air at 172 mph into a platform that was being used by photographers and then a sign.

One woman, however, managed to walk away from an equally high-speed crash unscathed: 

Floersch's car was then temporarily stuck upside down before it flipped back over onto the ground. Marshals at the event then ran to her aid - as well as the aid of others injured in the incident.

Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi was hospitalized with back pain, marshal Chan Cha In sustained a deep cut to the face, a fractured jaw and an abrasion of his upper abdomen wall. Photographer Chan Weng Wang suffered a liver laceration and is being treated in hospital and another photographer, Minami Hiroyuki, sustained a concussion and is currently under observation.

alt Credit: Twitter / @andreascseh

"All were conscious during transit to the hospital and are now receiving medical treatment. Further updates will be provided as soon as possible," the Macau Grand Prix Organising Committee revealed in a statement.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish Floersch and everyone injured a speedy recovery.