Seven-Step Guide Will Tell You How Your Children Will Look

Mar | 132 sharesStefan Armitage

Let's say you're sitting at home watching TV with your new bae or whatever. Totally casual. Then you look up at him/her and think to yourself, "Hmmm... I wonder what our kids will look like...". No need to deny it; we won't tell anyone.

Now, you don't have to wonder anymore because we have a great seven-step guide to help you make an educated guess. If your calculations give you any answer other than cute babies, you might want to think about your options. Maybe you need to be curled up on the couch watching TV with someone else?

1. Strong vs. weak genes


Most of us love to root for the underdog but it doesn't really work that way with genes. The stronger ones tend to overpower the weak ones so, if you're cute, better pray your genes are strong enough to make sure your kid looks more like you. Traits like dark skin, full lips and dark eyes tend to be strong genes so I'm just going to put it out there - Rihanna's future children are VERY lucky.

2. DNA


Now, strong genes might overpower weak ones but this does not always play out in the same way in every situation. If they did, we would all look more similar than we currently do. The different ways in which genes interact make it very important to study and understand DNA since that is what decides the pattern. Also, you didn't think it was as straightforward as "strong beats weak", right? This isn't Rock/Paper/Scissors, silly.

3. Eye color


Speaking of patterns, there tends to be a certain trend that eye colors follow. Children's eye colour mostly mirrors their parents' but darker colours are usually more dominant.

Looks like dark eyes and other strong genes just keep winning. See how these genetic probabilities can become predictions over on page two.

4. Family trees

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Since dark hair is a strong gene, you can expect to pass this on to your kids, even if your partner has a different hair colour. I guess that's tough luck for beautiful blondes like Jennifer Lawrence but hey, power to the brunettes!

5. Passing generations


If you have light coloured eyes or blonde hair and have been reading this article with concern, don't worry. Your genes may be "weak" but they're pretty crafty. Sometimes they lie in wait like ninjas, waiting to pounce on future generations. Dark hair might win today, but the blonde gene lives to fight another day! Just wait till you see the grandkids!

6. Genetic Prediction


If playing the long game isn't your style and you want a more specific idea of how cute your unborn babies will be, science can help. Based on DNA strands, scientists can literally give you a clearer picture by predicting certain physical features like bone structure.

Head over to page three to see how science might be able to go even further than a mere prediction.

7. Genetic Manufacturing


If you really want to go all the way, science could be on the verge of actually allowing us to influence which features eventually win this Great Genetic Debate. This is a highly contested issue since some believe that this is going too far and playing God, while others think it could be a great opportunity to remove physical handicaps and diseases. I'm not sure which side this guy is on:

Either way, we can't deny that genes play a huge part in our physical appearance and ability.