Woman Discovers Unborn Baby's Gender Though Edited Voice Clips Of Late Father

Sep 18 | 53 sharesJamie Leigh

Every mother-to-be has to decide whether or not she wants to find out the gender of her baby before he or she is born. For Jenny James-Prothro, that decision had always been an easy one, and during her previous pregnancies, she and her husband always opted to have that information revealed in advance.

However, after the death of Jenny's father a year ago, Jenny became pregnant once again, but this time, she chose to honor her father by not having the gender of her child revealed before birth. Jenny's father always liked to be surprised by the gender of his grandchildren once they were born so she chose to wait.

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However, with pressure mounting to know if she was having a girl or a boy, six months into her pregnancy, Jenny changed her mind, but she asked her husband, James, if he would reveal the gender to her in a creative way.

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In a beautiful, heartwarming show of love, James came up with a reveal that was both creative and still honored Jenny's late father. He was able to edit voice recordings of her dad's voice to have Jenny discover the gender of her child as if her father was revealing it to her.

To see the heartwarming moment she discovered her baby's gender from her dad, check out the video below:

James filmed his wife listening to the reveal and discovering that they were having a girl. In the video, James sets up the recording by saying, "Jenny, this is the most special, creative way that I could think of to tell you the sex of our child, but I couldn't do it without a little help."

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Then Jenny's father's voice is heard. "Hello Jenny, this is your father! I want to let you know that it is a girl. It is a girl. I love yah, bye bye!" Overwhelmed, Jenny then begins to cry before her husband tells her he loves her.

Jenny praised her husband on Facebook for such a meaningful surprise reveal. She wrote that she was "truly blessed beyond measure with the best and most creative hubby ever." The video was later uploaded to the social media site by the couple's 17-year-old daughter Ana.

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It has since been viewed over five million times, but the couple says there is still one thing they are going to keep a secret. They don't yet have a name for their new addition, but when they do, it will be kept a secret until birth.

There is certainly a lot of love in that household and we wish Jenny and James, as well as their growing family, all the best.