Woman Faints After Learning The Bracelet She Just Smashed Is Worth A Fortune

Sep 18 | 34 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

I'm definitely someone who's pretty tight when it comes to shelling out for, well, pretty much anything. I just hate the feeling of being ripped off, even if the item I'm spending money on is something I desperately want. And I'm talking everything from my weekly food shop to the latest iPhone - every cent counts.

As such, one of my worst nightmares - and I mean literal nightmare - is accidentally damaging something worth a serious amount of cash. I don't even dare walk into an antique store, just in case I end up smashing an 18th-century vase that used to belong to some British monarch.

Luckily, the most I've had to deal with is having to keep a $30 dress I bought online because I accidentally ripped it while trying it on. I mean, initially, I was absolutely distraught at losing $30 of my hard-earned cash for something I didn't even want, but when I heard other people's stories, it really put my own into perspective.

Stories like a woman fainting at the prospect of paying 300,000 yuan ($45,000) because she broke a bracelet worth that amount.

Take a look at the shocking moment below:

The woman was visiting a jade market in Ruili City in China's Yunnan province when she accidentally dropped the bracelet while trying it on. Unfortunately, the piece of jewelry snapped in half as a result, according to the People's Daily Online.

Jade is a luxury product in China because it is known to represent purity and seemingly has the "ability" to ward off evil. When the bracelet had well and truly been smashed, the shop's owner told her it was worth a whopping 300,000 yuan ($45,000).

alt Credit: Asia Wire

The lady then passed out upon learning the bracelet's extravagant price tag and is placed on the ground by her family so she can recover. According to witnesses, the family offered the owner 70,000 yuan ($10,500) in damages but he told them that wouldn't be enough for him to break even.

In order to resolve the situation, the product was valued by an independent expert who gave a final price tag of 180,000 yuan ($27,000). And the family agreed to pay the seller exactly that sum of money.

So there we have it - I guess the moral of the story here is don't ever even touch items which are both expensive and fragile or you'll literally end up paying the price for it.