The Disgusting Way Couriers Will Treat Your Parcels This Christmas

Dec 18 | 46 sharesOlivia Morton

At one point or other, we have all tried to cut corners at work. It's just basic human nature to want to try and be as efficient as possible in order to benefit oneself.

Be it a job you hate, or a job you love, there is always an opportunity to exploit your energy and efforts in order to make life a little easier.

However, with that being said, there are limits on how far you can push it. Most people know where this boundary is and never attempt to cross it, others leap over it and just hope they won't get caught. Then there are those who literally don't care enough about their job to worry about the consequences.

It's not clear which category the following employees fall into, although, I think it's safe to suspect that they are most comfortably the latter.

1. The postman who delivers disappointment

Thanks to the success of internet shopping, delivery drivers have never been more in demand. Last year alone, Amazon delivered a whopping five billion parcels worldwide, with that number set to increase this year.

As a result, delivery drivers are under pressure. One British delivery man recently complained that he was expected to successfully deliver 200 parcels per day during an 11-hour shift, which left him with no time for a toilet break. To add insult to injury, he was paid minimum wage for his efforts.

With that in mind, it's hardly surprising to see instances like this... 

The shocking footage captures the moment a Yodel delivery driver launches a parcel 50ft across a customer's backyard in order to avoid going through the - already open - gate. Thankfully, the parcel only contained a hooded sweatshirt and nothing valuable.

2. Handle with care!

We have all pulled our suitcases off of the conveyor belt at the airport to find dents, scuffs, and cuts in the outer shell. The cause of the damage is unclear, but the suspicion usually lies with the baggage handlers.

And, when videos like this exist, it's easy to see why...

The footage was caught on an Air Canada flight back in 2014. The airline apologized after the footage went viral.

3. Roadworks ahead

If you have ever wondered why it takes so long for roadworks to be completed, look no further than this comical clip...

You really have to see it to believe it...

This takes lazy to a whole new level! It's actually quite painful to watch!

4. Sleeping on the job

We humans are not robots, so it's inevitable that at some point you have considered taking a nap on the job. Of course, in most working environments, that isn't remotely possible without getting caught.

But when you work at a mattress dealership, it's very simple to take a quick snooze. Just watch this employee as he dozes happily...

But, he is soon to be disturbed by his boss...

We don't recommend you do this at work unless you are hoping to get sacked!

5. This is old news!

I don't know about you, but I often switch off whilst watching the news. However, if it were my job to read the news, I think I'd stay a little more alert than this Australian newsreader who was caught hopelessly daydreaming live on air...

After the clip went viral, it was reported by the Sydney Daily Telegraph that the broadcaster had been removed from air as a result of her blunder. However, it was later confirmed that she had not been fired for the mistake.