Man Uncovers His Pokémon Card Collection And Discovers He's Been Sitting On A Goldmine

Mar 18 | 45 sharesEmma Guinness

Any self-respecting child who grew up in the late nineties/early noughties had a Pokémon collection. Originating in Japan in 1996, the trading card game was one of the biggest crazes of a generation, with children around the world, including myself, vying to have the most sought-after cards.

For most kids, this involved pestering their parents to buy packets of Pokémon cards and hoping that they got lucky. More extreme fans would also collect the franchise's extensive merchandise, which included just about every Pokémon branded item you could imagine.

alt Credit: Pawn Stars / The History Channel

The game came into popular consciousness again in 2016 when its creators launched Pokémon GO! - a game which encouraged people around the world to explore the great outdoors with the promise of finding some of the Pokéverse's rarest creatures and compete against other players.

But for the majority of people, no matter how extensive their Pokémon collection became back in the day, it was virtually worthless. However, there are some rare items, particularly cards, which are now worth a small fortune - something a man named Gary dramatically proved.

Check out the video below where he unveils the world's most valuable Pokémon collection:

Gary's cards are so valuable because many of them are first editions. These are particularly rare because they were produced in the nineties before the Pokémon craze truly took off. What's more is that they are of 10 level Charizard's, which are particularly sought after.

More than aware of the collection's worth, Gary was hoping to flog it for a staggering $500,000. However, because Pawn Star's Rick Harrison didn't know the first thing about Pokémon, even when they were valued at an impressive $380,000-$390,000, he refused to make him an offer.

alt Credit: Pawn Stars / The History Channel

Gary's impressive collection was the result of his kid's fascination with the game. After they explained to him what Pokémon was all about in the early noughties, he continued to collect the cards long after they'd grown out of them and moved onto other things like college.

So the next time a kid introduces you to something they love, you might want to check if they've got any rare items in their collection...