Man Eats Raw Steak "Dripping" With Blood Outside Vegan Food Festival

Aug 18 | 42 sharesEmma Guinness

One of the most contentious lifestyle choices in the modern world is veganism. While plant-based diets are being adopted by an increasingly large number of people and their benefits are becoming more widely known (from a health and environmental point of view), many meat-eaters are vehemently against them because of the militancy of some vegans.

This is something which, even as a vegetarian, I can attest to. I am friends with a girl who has dedicated her entire life to this cause and, in her eyes, anyone who chooses to eat meat or even consume animal products is no different from a murderer - a view which, quite understandably, upsets a lot of meat-eaters and indeed some vegetarians.

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Personally, while I do think that plant-based diets are the way forward, I have no problem with meat-eaters, and I would never do more than explain their benefits to people who're curious about the lifestyle. After all, when I chose to become a vegetarian, it wasn't because someone bullied me into doing it, it was because I believe that eating animals is wrong.

Now, because of the increasing amount of pressure which some vegans are putting on others to adopt their lifestyle, some people have chosen to hit back. One of these people is the ponytailed man above, who recently attended a vegan festival in Amsterdam and proved that he was no different to the most militant of vegans by casually eating a chunk of raw meat.

Just like vegans who believe that all meat-eaters are murders in their own right, the man came to the festival in a black t-shirt which boasted an equally extreme point of view with the slogan: "Go vegan and die."

To see the militant carnivore being questioned by police, check out the video below: 

Although the man was questioned by police after complaints were made about his actions, he was not arrested.

According to vegan witnesses who were queuing up to enter the food festival, there was blood "literally dripping off the piece of meat" - a sight that was so shocking for one vegan woman that she burst into tears.

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A spokesman for the festival said: "While it is of course not forbidden to eat raw meat, it was, of course, a shocking sight because there was a puddle of blood and fat."

"Besides, there were lots of elderly people and children. At that time a special children's programme was going on."

The spokesman went on to say that the man's actions were completely uncalled for because "we are not extreme vegans".

Ultimately, people should live and let live, and while this man might not agree with the vegan lifestyle, his actions proved that he is no different from the militant vegans who, for some, give plant-based diets a bad name. What's more is that nothing about his actions would have inspired anyone in attendance to eat meat again - so it really was a colossal waste of his time.