Couple Make Miraculous Save After Hearing Mysterious Voice Coming From Hole In The Woods

Mar | 27 sharesOlivia Morton

If horror stories have taught us anything, it's that you don't simply go exploring in the woods and come away without a weird tale to tell.

So when Izaak Eglington-Watts and his friend, Emily Thompson, went for an adventure in the forest near their home they knew there was a potential chance that they may stumble upon something unusual. But they had no idea just how bizarre their fun trip was about to become...

As 19-year-old Izaak approached a dark and abandoned chamber he couldn't help but call out. His cry of "hello" echoed around the empty space, but it wasn't just his own voice he heard bounce back. Another barely audible voice could be heard faintly responding.

Haunted by the unfamiliar voice, Izaak decided to investigate further. It wasn't until he'd flagged down two park rangers that he learned he'd just saved the life of a man who'd been missing for a month.

Watch the eerie moment Izaak's call is answered...

It later transpired that the voice belonged to 51-year-old James Thompson who'd last been seen one month prior. Thompson had been living in the woods, but at some stage he'd injured his ankle and taken refuge in the abandoned bunker.

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Thompson was alarmingly thin and close to death when he was discovered, leading Devonshire police officers to claim that he would almost certainly have died if Izaak hadn't have found him that day.

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"He was so emaciated and dehydrated that if he had been there for another couple of days he might not have survived. He is very, very lucky he ended up being found when he was," said a police spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Izaak is happy that he has reunited Thompson with his family who were no doubt incredibly worried.