Man's Split-Second Decision Saves Girlfriend From Out-Of-Control Car

Nov 18 | 161 sharesEmma Guinness

We make hundreds of decisions every day, not knowing that some of them have the potential to change the course of our lives forever. Choosing to have a salad over a burger could, for example, affect the likelihood of you having a heart attack. But most day-to-day decisions do nothing more than affect the cumulative direction of where our life is going.

That is not, however, always the case. As shown by a viral clip of a man saving him and his girlfriend's life thanks to a split-second decision. The pair can be seen walking along a street before the unthinkable happens.

As the video below demonstrates, an out-of-control silver hatchback comes hurtling towards the couple, missing them by inches before slamming into a brick wall. Throughout the incident, the woman seems completely unaware of the danger, and when her boyfriend notices, he makes an instinctive decision that saved her girlfriend's life.

To see just how much of a near miss this incident was, check out the video below: 

As you can see from the dramatic footage, the heroic boyfriend pushes her to the side as the car skims past their shoulders just mere seconds later. But they did not manage to escape the disaster completely unscathed.

The vehicle in question appears to have hit the man's foot, as it proceeds to spin further out of control with smoke billowing out of its engine before eventually coming to complete stop.

alt Credit: YouTube

Afterward, the couple sits on the ground, clearly in disbelief about what has just happened to them. The man's girlfriend then stands as he remains on the ground, in pain from the injury he sustained to his foot.

Naturally, people had a lot to say about the video, with one viewer remarking, "By God, I would need a stiff drink after surviving that. An angel must have been looking down and protected this couple."

This is the dramatic moment a groom saved a boy from drowning at his own wedding: 

Another added, "There's a physics lesson involving mass, acceleration and gravity in that clip... and I think the lad might have gotten it."

The condition of the driver of the silver hatchback is not known, nor is it known if there were any passengers in the car, but we hope there were no fatalities, and that this man has a speedy recovery from his foot injury.