Teen Shouts Into Mysterious Hole In Woods, Then Gets An Unexpected Reply

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One of life's greatest pleasures is the ability to explore new places. Whether that involves a trip to a country you've never visited before, or simply exploring somewhere closer to home. We have no idea what we will find, and there's something inherently exciting about the unknown.

And for teenager Izaak Eglington-Watts, his sense of adventure turned him and his friend Emily into accidental heroes.

Check out the video below to learn more about this extraordinary story:

While on a walk in Plymbridge Woods in Devon, England, they discovered a mysterious looking hole in a wall. Spotting an opportunity for some humor, Izaak decided to shout into the hole but got the fright of his life when he received an unexpected response.

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The reply came from a stricken James Thompson, who had gone missing a month earlier in March 2017 at the age of 51.

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Speaking to the Plymouth Herald about the incident, Izaak said, "I was absolutely terrified. I did not expect a response back, but I am so happy he has been found."

"It was only out of curiosity that I went and had a look down it, I didn't think anything was going to be inside it."

Izaak and Emily found the hole by accident after wandering off the park's path and getting lost in the woods.

Thompson is believed to have sought shelter there after becoming injured in the park. Had the 51-year-old not been found when he was, it is more than likely that he would have died from starvation and dehydration.

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"I climbed down into it and asked Emily if she wanted to come in as well, but she said no," Izaak said. "I kept shouting 'hello' over and over again to hear it echo, just out of fun and to make Emily jump."

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"Then I climbed up into another section which led into another hole and shouted hello again, which is when I got a reply back. It obviously scared me as it was pitch black down there, and all I had was my phone flash, but I couldn't really see anything."

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"We walked back up to get away from the area, but she still didn't believe me that I'd heard somebody, so I said I would go back and record it to prove it to her," the teenager revealed.

Knowing that whoever was in the hole was in need of assistance, Izaak enlisted the help of two strangers in the park to help get him out.

On their return, Emily finally believed that Izaak had found a man in the hole.

Desperate for help, all Thompson asked for was a drink of water. It was at this point that the strangers (who Izaak had asked for help) told him that it was too dangerous to go any further into the hole.

The group then found some construction workers nearby who called the police.

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When Thompson was eventually rescued, the authorities discovered that he had been inside the hole for two weeks.

A statement from Devon and Cornwall Police read, "James Thompson who was missing from Plymouth was located safely late yesterday afternoon [April 5] in Plympton. The police would like to thank the public for their assistance."

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Prior to Thompson's disappearance, he was last seen at a petrol station on March 7.

After making the lifesaving discovery, Izaak and Emily were thrilled that they had been able to help someone so desperately in need of help.

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"His family must be over the moon," Izaak said. "He is safe and well now."