Business Offers Jobs To The Thieves Who Stole From Them After Being Left Impressed By Their Skills

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For anyone who has ever had anything stolen from them, you'll know there is no feeling worse than the one you experience when you find your belongings missing.

It's a feeling of betrayal, anger and regret which can only be pacified by the knowledge that those responsible have been reprimanded. After all, is there anything more satisfying than seeing a criminal get caught and thrown behind bars?

Check out these stupid criminals caught on camera:

Well, apparently there is something more satisfying than seeing someone being reprimanded, and that's somebody being rewarded. For one business in New Zealand is now attempting to recruit those who stole from them after being left impressed by their thievery skills.

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd from Christchurch, New Zealand were left devastated when a bunch of criminals broke into their premises on February 24, making off with multiple power tools and other valuable equipment.

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

Intent on catching those responsible, the business studied their security cameras which showed the hapless group in action. The men, who have their faces exposed, brazenly rob the joint without any apparent concern that their every move is being monitored by surveillance cameras.

Unable to identify those responsible for the robbery, the construction company took to Facebook to ask their friends and followers to help them in their quest to put a name to a - rather blurry - face.

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

However, in a twist to the usual posts of a similar nature, Smith, Crane and Construction Ltd reached out to offer the culprits a job. Rather than condemn them for their slimy actions, the company published a tongue in cheek job advertisement which helped to generate a lot of interest in the search for the mysterious men.

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

"TO THE THIEVES: We thought you might like to come and work for us? Maybe make an honest living instead of thieving off us?

You seem to have some (but not all) attributes we are looking for, i.e...

1) You are obviously good at early starts and getting out of bed on time (or staying up late)

2) You seem to know your power tools pretty well

3) You know your way around our yard

4) You may have good reliable transport to get to work on time (a brand new 2017 silver Hilux Ute was taken from our site a month earlier - was that you?)

5) You relate well to others as I see you have a mate/colleague/partner with you. Please ask him to apply as well. We notice he still has his balaclava on so he must have slightly more intelligence than you."

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

As if that wasn't enough to catch people's attention, the company are also offering a NZ $1,000 reward for "information leading to the recovery and conviction of these two thieves."

alt Image Credit: Facebook / Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd

Currently, the two culprits are still at large. But as the post continues to go viral online, there is no doubt that the two foolish criminals will be caught. Although rather than working for Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd, it seems more likely that they'll be working behind bars at the nearest penitentiary.

What do they expect? What goes around comes around!

alt Image Credit: GIPHY

Maybe the viral post that they feature in will inspire them to put their lives on the right path, who knows, maybe they could earn an honest living in the future!