Woman Bullied For Her Teeth Gets A Miraculous Makeover After A Stranger Comes To The Rescue

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Jessica McDaniels never intended to be a viral sensation. In fact, her 15 minutes of fame almost completely ruined her life last year after cruel cyberbully's launched an attack on her physical appearance.

For McDaniels, it was a case of 'wrong time, wrong place' as she became the unintentional centerpiece of a viral photograph last May. The snap was supposed to focus on a man from St. Louis proposing to his girlfriend, but it was McDaniel's broad smile in the background which really caught people's attention.

Despite the happy nature of the picture, vile online trolls couldn't help but pick fault with McDaniel's teeth. Zooming in on her face, they made a scene of her smile.

McDaniels was devastated. She'd always been conscious of her smile but had never been able to afford the dental surgery she'd required to correct her wayward teeth.

The only positive to come from McDaniel's public pain was the fact that her plight was brought to the attention of two dental surgeons who knew they needed to help...

Her transformation will leave you speechless...

After two hours in surgery, McDaniel's looks - and feels - like a new person. The 32-year-old was unable to look at herself in the mirror for several days after the procedure, too scared to see her new look. But when she did she was blown away.

McDaniels before her life-altering surgery:

alt Image Credit: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Tragically, this wasn't the first procedure that McDaniel's had had to endure in order to deter bullies. Between the ages of two and 12, she had several surgeries on her ears and was mostly deaf in her right ear. Then once her ears were remedied, McDaniel's teeth began to sprout outwards to the bemusement of dentists who couldn't establish why they were growing in such a way.

alt Image Credit: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Whilst McDaniel's is the first to admit she's struggled with her appearance throughout her life, she is also the first to admit how grateful she is to have this new start in life. "I looked good before," she told St. Louis Post Dispatch. "I look even better now."

At the time McDaniel's will admit that she felt low, but she didn't allow this to quash her caring nature. Rather than focus on her own predicament, McDaniels was more concerned that she'd ruined her friend's happy moment by spoiling the background of their engagement picture. Sadly, it was cruel trolls who were responsible for highlighting McDaniel's incredible selflessness, but now she has had the last laugh - one where she can flash a mouthful of pearly whites!

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But beyond her friends, McDaniels was most worried about the effect her very public shaming would have on her children. "I didn’t care about them talking about me – I just wanted to protect my kids," she said at the time.

Thankfully, McDaniel's worries were all settled by an old high school friend who came to her defense on Facebook when the trolls began to gain momentum. Krystal Starks knew she couldn't scroll idly by the post without coming forward to protect McDaniels from the barrage of abuse she was cruelly receiving. "For a person doing something innocent, for them to be caught off-guard and taken advantage of like this is horrible," Starks said, before adding: "For what? For likes on Facebook?"

alt Image Credit: GoFundMe

It was Starks who launched a GoFundMe page to help McDaniels. With a $10,000 goal, the aim was to give McDaniels the smile she deserved. Within 10 months she'd managed to collect over $9,000.

However, it wouldn't be this money which would eventually change McDaniel's life. Instead, her dental dilemma was solved by Dr. Maryann Udy, a dental surgeon who came to the rescue free of charge after seeing McDaniel's plight online.

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Now she has a new set of gnashers to proudly parade online and in real life and as a result her life has dramatically changed.

We hope McDaniel's all the best for the future with her newfound confidence!