The Most Outrageous Black Friday Brawls Ever Caught On Camera

Nov 18 | 1.6K sharesMichelle Hambiliki

We are getting closer and closer to one of the most highly anticipated days of the year: Black Friday. As we all know, the day after Thanksgiving has become incredibly commercialized, and every year, retailers prepare some insane discounts to lure eager shoppers from all over the states through their doors.

But while many shoppers go about getting their bargains online, there are still plenty of people who form seemingly endless lines outside popular stores. Many stores open early for the holiday sales, ready for the two out of every three Americans who plan on taking advantage of the discounts. And I can only imagine how regretful the employees will be for not taking the day off due to the brawls that inevitably break out between greedy, entitled shoppers...

alt Credit: Ray Tang / BEX

That's exactly why the first official shopping day of the Christmas season, seemingly a joyful occasion, was dubbed "Black Friday" in the first place. Back in the early 1960s, cops in New York and Philadelphia started using the term to refer to the day due to the amount of traffic and overcrowding which occurred around a lot of retail stores.

In short, Black Friday is a dark, dark time to go shopping and only the strong make it out completely unscathed with their bargains in hand. From being trampled on by mobs of unruly shoppers to being tragically being shot by gun-wielding criminals, Black Friday is actually one of the most sinister days of the year.

In light of all that, here are some of the most dramatic Black Friday incidents to ever be caught on camera...

1. The Black Friday pepper spray incident 

At a Walmart in California, a woman was desperate to get her hands on some very cheap Xbox games. But when she got to the front of the crowd, she pepper sprayed them, naturally causing further chaos. About 20 people ended up needing immediate medical attention as a result.

2. Girls fight over Victoria's Secret lingerie

At one particular Victoria's Secret store, a pretty brutal brawl broke out over... underwear. Watch the video to witness a woman being violently shoved, before responding with a threat followed by a hugely escalated beatdown which sent many shoppers straight toward the exit.

3. Black Friday shoppers trampled at a Target store

After presumably lining up for hours before the doors opened, chaos ensued once the shoppers got inside. The people at the front were trampled on as their fellow shoppers ignored their cries for help. It took several minutes before anyone could get them out.

4. Another Black Friday stampede

This video, like the rest of them, is totally insane. The woman in front falls down and is about to be crushed. However, that certainly doesn't excuse her husband from violently pushing everyone close to her to the ground. Due to his drastic actions, a young pregnant woman was shoved to the floor and nearly stomped on by shoppers.

5. Classic Black Friday brawl: shoppers fight over a TV

So two women started fighting over a digital flat screen TV. And yeah, the TV may have been incredibly cheap for what it was worth, but since when does that excuse fighting two cops for something that is essentially a commodity? I mean, the TV might not cost them very much but their court bills will.

I hope this has persuaded any Black Friday shoppers against causing any chaos on what will an inevitably be a hectic day.