Teachers Reveal The Most Petty Things They've Ever Done To A Student They Didn't Like

Apr 18 | 26 sharesOlivia Morton

We have all been on the receiving end of a vengeful teacher. It doesn't matter how well behaved you were, there will be one moment in the history of your education where you distinctly recall a teacher employing unnecessary cruelty in the classroom.

For example, teachers recently came together on Reddit to share stories of their most savage classroom stunts.

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Evidently, teaching is a difficult job. But if anybody in any other profession tried to do something like this, they'd definitely be fired...

1. So long, farewell

"Gave him the extra point to pass because otherwise he’d have been back in my class the next year." - @RosaPalms

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2. Which one is the child?

"I had a piece of sh*t student that made fun of the disabled kid in class, stole from people, and just generally made the school experience harder for all her classmates. Her parents didn’t help, the principal got sick of her, and it was elementary school so there wasn’t much else available..."

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"So I gave her the broken candy cane for the Christmas cards our class makes every year. And the lopsided Valentine cookie. And the squished milk carton for our marigold project. All year. She always got the crumpled, broken, worst option. Petty, unprofessional, but boy did it feel good at the time." - @NotAnotherWhatever

3. The girl who cried wolf

"A kid notorious for faking/over exaggerating injuries fell off the monkey bars. Came to me and told me she had a sore arm. I told her to give the monkey bars a rest and put a wet paper towel on it (basically our substitute for ice packs when we don’t think anything’s actually wrong and they just want attention). It turned out to be a broken wrist and I felt like absolute sh*t." - @little_beanpole

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Of course, not all children are destructive. This video highlights just how amazing kids can be...

4. Choose your words wisely

"I was teaching 5th grade at an urban elementary school at the time. I overheard an argument between 2 boys during recess, and one told the other to suck his d*ck. I pulled him over to have a whispered conversation. I asked him if that's what he REALLY wanted. His eyes got huge as he thought about it. 'NO, Mrs. W!' So I said, 'Well, it is perfectly normal to have those feelings, so don't feel embarrassed! We just don't say them out loud.' That had him thinking twice about his choice of words!" - @WommyBear

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5. Savage

"I deleted a kid from the yearbook." - @UkelelePunk

6. Watch this!

"I videotaped a student and played it for the kid's mom because she didn't want to believe her child was the problem." - @estrogyn

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7. Awkward April Fools

"Student gave me an ice cream sandwich filled with mayonnaise for April Fools Day. Naturally, I returned the favor by giving her a cupcake... also filled with mayonnaise. She was allergic to mayonnaise. She's Ok. 10/10 would do again." - @Cicale

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8. This tutor has no chill

"I was tutoring this kid that had promised to his mom if I were to give him a test, he would need to score at least 70 or more to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming. The kid didn't really try in class and was always doing random stuff and didn't like it when I gave him some work, which would result in him either doing it real slow till times up or just staring at it..."

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"Day of the mock test I gave him, he scored a 62, then I decided to screw with him and bump him a 69, one point short of his happy fun time. He went home bawling pretty hard but after that, he finally bothered to actually study before I test him." - @vanetas

9. Problem solved

"Had a third-grade teacher that would always have a 'breakdown' midyear and cry. She would sob while saying it's hard to teach such disrespectful kids. We really weren't that bad and we're even nicer after the breakdown. Turns out she does it every year and eventually kids didn't bat an eye at her for doing it." - @GraciePaint5

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10. Shame on you

"Class was all told to stand up after receiving our math tests back... mine wasn't good. So what he did was start at 90% and if you got that percentage or above you could sit down. So it went '90% or above sit down' then '80% or above sit down' etc..."

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"The thing is he'd already told me before class I had the lowest mark in the class so I sat down with the last person other than me so I wouldn't be the only one still standing. He asked me why I wasn't still standing and told me to get up then proceeded to tell the class my mark...

"I was so humiliated I just burst out sobbing in front of the class, which made me feel even worse. Only then was I allowed to sit back down- still crying." - @simplecripp

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11. The parent problem

"I once caught a student turning in essays I knew her mother was writing... and then her mother blatantly plagiarized an essay. As an opportunity to make up the assignment for a 50% grade, the student (ie mother) had to write a 10 page essay with 15 academic sources (the original was a 3pg essay with 3 sources). I knew the mother would slave-away at the thing, and she did. I can’t stand parents like her." - @WonderCounselor

12. The joke is on you

"Well, when I was in a steel drums class my sophomore year in High School, we had a problem kid in the class who was an immature little sh*t, to say the least. One day, little sh*t brought a sub from Subway to class for lunch. When the teacher jokingly said, 'can I have some of it' the little sh*t SHOVED THE WHOLE THING DOWN HIS PANTS. The teacher just responded with 'At least you have 6 inches in your pants for once'."- @Lhousy

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13. That's savage

"I once told a group of high school kids that if they stopped coming to class I would pass them. These kids, about 5 of them, did nothing all year and made teaching this class impossible. They would play music and have conversations throughout the whole class period. Calls home, referrals to the dean, failing grades did nothing to change their behavior. It was about 2 weeks before they took me up on my offer and they missed the last 5 weeks of class. I still failed those f*ckers." - @yummygummytummy

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14. Love interrupted

"John was a class clown and constantly disrupted lessons. Does stupid things like shouting how he can see a classmate's bra through her uniform out of the blue, or stand up making monkey noises. But it was a public secret John had a huge crush on the girl sitting in front of him. (Constantly playing with her hair etc.) Girl complained she couldn't see the board well one day. I moved her to the front row and kept John at the back. F*ck you John."

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15. Pretty petty

"My tutor at Bar school tried to fail me in every subject he taught me because we once had a political discussion and he very apparently disagreed with my views." - @WutWutWutTF