Russian Woman Jumps Into Frozen Lake, Immediately Regrets It

Nov 18 | 265 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

There's no denying that there have been many inspirational and entertaining videos posted on social media in the last few years. From raising awareness of medical conditions (Who could possibly forget the incredible Ice Bucket Challenge which raised millions for ALS?), to simply having a blast recreating the Mannequin Challenge, these videos succeed in bringing us all together as we scroll excitedly down our news feed to watch them.

However, while there are a lot of cool and inspirational videos online, there are also many which are, well, complete and utter fails. Not a day goes by when someone doesn't do something unbelievably stupid, offensive or inappropriate for the purpose of filming and posting it on social media.

And idiotic behavior is one thing in private, it's another thing entirely when it's done publically or uploaded onto the unerasable forum that is the internet. It completely blows my mind that some people will willingly document and broadcast their absolutely awful ideas online, especially considering how easy it is for fail videos to go viral.

Watch as one woman seriously damages her ankle after jumping into a frozen lake:

This year saw the emergence of online crazes like the Tide Pod Challenge, which lead to far too many teens eating the laundry detergent for attention. And then there was the bizarre condom "snorting' challenge, which, as the name would suggest, involved inhaling a condom... and then pulling it of the throat and out through the mouth. Sounds like fun, right? RIGHT?!

alt Credit: LiveLeak

Of course, there also the viral videos featuring people who aren't following any sort of craze at all, simply posting their outrageous shenanigans for the world to see. This woman from Russia is no different. She fractured her ankle after taking a running jump into a frozen lake.

alt Credit: LiveLeak

The resulting footage shows the unidentified woman, who has stripped off into to her underwear, taking off her hat and running across a boardwalk to toward the lake. She then leaps in a "bomb" position, holding her hands under her knees, never expecting to slam right into a rock-hard surface coating the water.

The woman hits her head on the icy surface and a very painful-sounding bang can be heard. Still in shock, she holds out her arms as the man filming bursts into a fit of laughter and rushes over to her. When she is back to her senses, the woman stumbles back onto the boardwalk and asks for a hand up. She can be heard reacting to the pain as she walks back to her seat.

alt Credit: LiveLeak

Photos taken after the unfortunate collision showed off the woman's heavily bandaged left ankle. It is unclear where in Russia the clip was filmed and when it even happened, all we know is it must have hurt so badly!