Women Reveal The Unexpected Physical Traits They Find Attractive In Men

Mar | 40 sharesStefan Armitage

It may seem like there is only one type of man that women go weak at the knees for. You know, the Adonis type with beautiful thick locks on his head and glimmeringly white teeth.

Well, I'm here to let you know, that's simply not the case. We don't all want society's image of a "perfect man". In fact, often it's the features and personality traits that you wouldn't expect women to appreciate that totally make their hearts race.

But before we kick off, here are the non-physical traits women crave in a man...

1. Not all women like ripped, toned bods

"My bf is really insecure about his weight, but I find his little belly really sexy actually"


2. It's not all about suave suits and wining and dining

"I think it's hot when guys wear sweatpants."


3. Amen! This is a rare one

"Nothing sexier than a man who doesn't get freaked out by a period"


We have all been in a situation where we've swapped gossip on who we find attractive. And we've all been totally shocked by other people's "unusual" tastes, only to find that they find our own tastes odd. Well kids, it all boils down to beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

4. B****, yes you are!

"His ankles. Bitch I'm weird."


5. There's nothing better than waking up next to someone you love

"Sleep voice"


6. Reminds me of Van Helsing just before he turns into a werewolf

"The veins on their arms get me"


It's not necessarily just someone's physical appearance that makes them sexy. Often simply their mannerisms are enough to get you all hot and bothered.

7. Men who are good with their hands are pretty sexy

"If they're handy - - like he can fix the dishwasher, hang some drywall, change my oil, replace a window"


8. Weird, but romantic

"Hands. It's weird, but I really have a thing for guys who have nice hands."


9. Hugs are the most comforting things in the world

"If they give tight hugs."


This next woman likes men who share the same hobbies as her grandfather. If I looked for men who were anything like my grandpa, I'd end up with someone who spends half of his day sleeping and the other half feeding the ducks down by the lake.

10. Pretty specific but I'm not knocking it

"If they play baseball (it was my late grandfather's favorite sport, so I feel as if they play baseball, then I get his approval)."


11. It takes a lot of effort to sing poorly

"The ability to sing off key."


12. Grease... Oil... Sexy!

"Callused hands - especially when they're covered in grease and oil."


Sometimes the things that you see as being unattractive traits are the kind of characteristics that your other half really adores. This next woman likes the faint stench of BO she smells when her man returns home from work.

13. She revels in that sweaty stench

"His smell after a long, hard day at work. Weird, I know."


14. Especially when he clearly doesn't know how to use them correctly

"I find it extremely attractive when somebody uses long, complicated words in their everyday language. It literally turns me on. Is that weird?"


15. Men who love kids and puppies are swoon-worthy

"Is it weird that I'm attracted to single dads, and even sometimes dudes that I feel would be good dads? Trust me. I feel weird about it too."


Sometimes you can't explain why you like a certain feature or trait. The heart wants it wants, and sometimes the heart wants some truly bizarre things...

16. Hands, necks, hickies

"Is it weird that I think some guys have nice hands and attractive necks and all I think about is giving them hickies?"


17. It's not weird at all

"Is it weird that I find men's necks attractive."


So, there you have it, 17 things you probably weren't expecting to attract women. Unfortunately, turning women on can be quite a task in itself. I mean, attracting women is half the battle, but making them want to rip your clothes off is a whole different ballgame.