The Most Toe-Curling Proposal Fails Ever Caught On Camera

Dec 18 | 30 sharesEmma Guinness

Most of us have fantasized about the day the love of our life gets down one knee and pops the question. Sure, one in two marriages ends in divorce these days, but when someone's standing in front of you with a sparkly ring in a little black box, just for a moment, or three, you feel like a fairytale princess (or prince) being whisked away to your happily ever after.

Needless to say, I'm writing this as a straight woman. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking the experience must be for men (and same-sex couples) as they desperately fumble their sweaty hands around in search of that all-important box. Your relationship will be well-established by this point, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a yes.

To prove how rational this fear is, here are six of the most toe-curling and downright horrifying proposal fails ever recorded...

1. She took the roses but not the ring

This video is a testament to why proposals should always happen in private.

2. There's public rejection and then there's this...

If you're going to propose in public, for the love of God, don't get a microphone and do it in a mall. The train that goes by in this proposal fail makes the whole video IMO, but the ending takes it to another level. I can't even say I feel sorry for the guy.

3. The girl who popped the question after two weeks of dating

Aside from proposing in public, another thing that you absolutely should never do is propose someone you've only just started dating, something this woman learned the hard way when she did a leap-year proposal (an Irish tradition that allows women to propose on February 29th) to her boyfriend of TWO WEEKS.

4. The proposal a woman literally ran away from

Okay, while I'm far from being a proponent of public proposals, if you chose a romantic location like Times Square or the Effiel Tour, it's arguably acceptable. And while this one looked very sweet, the girl in question ran away so fast she nearly fell over.

5. Well, they do say that money can't buy love!

Goldigger marriages are nothing new. In fact, golddiggers (and his inability to accept his own age) were the reason the late great Hugh Hefner arguably never found true love. But while some women might date a guy for money, some draw the line at marriage. Case in point, the woman in the video above, whose rejection exposed her suitor for the manchild he is.

6. In case you needed further reminding of why you shouldn't propose in public...

What makes this proposal fail so brilliant is the fact that it looks like she's about to say yes, then the sports commentator unknowingly jinxed it by mentioning the possibility that it could go wrong. I wonder if he felt bad afterward...

So there you have it - six of the most toe-curling and downright horrifying proposal fails ever recorded. Have any of them caused you to rethink how you'll pop the question? Or perhaps set the bar for what you will and will not accept in the proposal department? Let us know in the comments section.