19 Guys Reveal What Turns Them Off In A Woman

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We all have things that we look for in a potential partner - an idea of how of how we want them to look and what we want them to carry themselves in their day-to-day life. Therefore, it's pretty normal to have particular standards that you hope your future boyfriend our girlfriend will meet.

But just as there are things that attract us, there are also things that turn us off immensely and immediately!

1. When girls are picky eaters

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"Picky eaters. The ones who don't try anything new, need everything on the menu explained to them and then excessively customize whatever they're ordering." PussyWhistle

2. Habits/body parts

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"Smoking and feet." - tybr00ks1

3. When girls have no ambition

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"No ambitions. Write music, research biology, play soccer, I don't care just do something to make yourself interesting." - mikesalv

4. When girls don't eat vegetables

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"Idk why but a girl who can't eat a damn vegetable kind of irks me. I've seen someone send an entire dish back because it was topped with a sprinkle of fried onions, and she just hates onions so much that she can't even stand to pick them off." - PussyWhistle

5. Being both patronizing and flawed

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"Fucked up teeth and condescension." - That_Effin_Guy

6. Pretty much everything's a turn-off

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"Smoking cigs (other stuff like vaping is fine) Gummy smile (shows as much, or more, gums as teeth when smiling) No curves (when their body has no real shape at all, like no butt, no hips, no boobs - alone these are fine but when it's all 3...) Sloppy drunk (gets wayy too drunk every time they drink)." - Deleted user

7. Being uneducated

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"Grammar mistakes."whatyesokay

8. Dressing trashy

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"Dressing trashy, trashy hair and smoking. And, on some days, high heels. I'm sorry, ladies."roguetroll

9. It's pretty nasty

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"Bad breath."pantsthatlast

10. Smoking and short hair

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"Women who smoke and have short hair." - internetuser765

11. No manners

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"Rudeness. Bad manners. People who don't wash their hands after going to the restroom." - account deleted

12. Lack of self-awareness

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"Lack of self-awareness and arrogance. I really, really hate when people talk about subjects they have no experience with, but speak as though they do. I don't care how long we've been together, or how charming you are on the first date, I just can't deal with this. It's so unattractive to me."therealslimnady

13. Long fingernails and no passion

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"French nails, and no passion. Something about long fingernails is just, absolutely disgusting to me. It just feels, deadening when someone has no passion for something. No real topics or hobbies that make you animated and excited to talk about. I love to read about astrophysics, can I understand the math behind it, No, but I get excited to read about any new discovery, a new explanation or theory about the universe. I want to be with a woman who has that kind of passion about something." - Deleted user

14. Doing a 180

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"Someone that does a whole 180 a while Into your relationship. Have had a few ladies be freaks the first month or more into it then die down and just text and chill. Never any sexting or phone sex like before. Ruins my mood of what to expect of women now. I mean I try to be the same fun guy I am when we first start dating why can't you" - leonelfreak

15. Not saying "thank you"

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"I took a girl on a date and bought her dinner and drinks, she never said thank you. She was hot so it was nice to fool around on the beach, but the bitch never said thank you at any point. That was the end of that." - worm30478

16. Wearing yoga pants

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"Women who wear leggings (yoga) everywhere, and PRETEND it's "just for comfort". Yeah pajamas, a moo-moo, and oversized t-shirts are comfy too- but those articles of clothing DON'T EMPHASIZE YOUR BUTT. Even worse, most of them don't do yoga, or workout at all. Then try to shame guys for noticing. "Just because I wear these, doesn't mean..." Blah Blah Blah. You like the attention, you just hate when you can't choose who you get the attention from."- the-dred-god

17. Piercings

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"Piercings. It's just screaming 'I don't find myself attractive' to me somehow."- NotCubone

18. Women who don't compromise

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"Someone who is never willing to compromise and is closed minded." - seemsiamwhoiam

19. Bad teeth and swearing

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"Bad teeth/breath and having to cuss every other word. I understand we are adults and we can use whatever word we want but if you feel the need to constantly cuss then don't talk to me.

Edit: before anyone says anything, I cuss a lot, but when having an intellectual conversation I'd rather not have to listen to someone saying "Fuck" every other word." - PoopFlavoredGum


So there you have it: a bunch of habits, traits, and behaviors that turn men off in women. But like all things to do with relationships, it's all a matter opinion, so you do you, and hope for the best!