Baby Born With No Eyes Sits At Piano, His Next Move Has Dad Running For A Camera

Nov 18 | 32 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

When you're an expectant parent, the excitement you feel about the upcoming birth of your baby knows no bounds. You prepare as much as you can by purchasing all kinds of toys and clothes. And, in your eager anticipation, it doesn't cross your mind that your child could be born with a condition that ends up having a substantial impact on their life.

Yes, it's fair to say that parents go about their pregnancy with the expectation that their unborn child will be able-bodied and perfectly healthy. I mean, rare conditions are just that - rare. So the chances of you bringing a child into the world - a child whose physical condition will always be a pressing concern - are slim. But rare conditions can and do happen.

When Patrick John and Patricia Hughes found out they were expecting a baby boy, they were overjoyed. Patrick dreamed of the day he would be able to play catch with his son and do other father/son bonding activities together.

Watch as the couple's talented toddler, born without eyes, plays the piano:

Unfortunately, these hopes and dreams were soon dashed as it emerged that baby Patrick had been born with no eyes. And this wasn't the extent of his condition. Patrick's parents were also told by medics that the ligaments supporting his limbs could not stretch to allow his arms and legs to straighten. Eventually, he was fitted with artificial eyes and began using a wheelchair.

But while Patrick had a lot of physical limitations, his parents would come to discover that he was a very talented musician. From as early as a year old, Patrick was able to showcase his musical prowess at the family piano.

alt Credit: YouTube/harvesct

When he was first propped up at the family's piano, he showed everyone what he was really made of. Mom pressed a key on the piano and in just a couple of tries, Patrick would find the exact same key.

It didn't take too long before the toddler was able to play back songs after hearing them just once. He would even take requests like 'You Are My Sunshine' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

"I was ecstatic," Patrick's dad said. "We weren't going to play baseball, but we're going to play music together."

When Patrick was a little older, he played at school and at public performances. All the while, Patrick never saw his not being able to see as a disability but rather an ability. Soon enough, a teacher in the music program at the University of Louisville where he enrolled for college suggested he join the marching band.

alt Credit: YouTube/harvesct

Now, Patrick was both a talented pianist and trumpet player and so, with the help of his dad, the wheelchair-bound teen was able to join the marching band at the University of Louisville.

"God made me blind and unable to walk," Patrick said of his condition."Big deal. He gave me the musical gifts I have and the great opportunity to meet new people."

There's no denying just how inspirational Patrick is to overcome what would have been great adversity for many. We wish him the absolute best for the bright future he has ahead of him.