15 Remarkable Children That Could Literally Be The Next X-Men

Sep 18 | 41 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

While it's true that children are all different and unique in their own little ways, there's no denying that some kids truly stand out due to their exceptionally rare abilities, conditions, or physical appearance. And it's not always easy standing out when you're a kid and desperate to blend in with the rest of your peers. Kids can be pretty cruel sometimes and they're incredibly honest, so if you happen to have an incredibly unusual feature, the chances are, they won't let you forget it.

But it certainly isn't all doom and gloom, some kids have self-love and confidence instilled into them from a very young age, and learn not only to accept their differences but to take pride in them

So, without further ado, here are 15 extraordinary children whom you won't believe actually exist.

1. Junior Cox-Noon

alt Credit: Junior Cox-Noon / Facebook

This unique little boy is called Junior Cox-Noon and he was born in Brighton City Hospital. Soon after his birth, he became something of a local celebrity. And why's that? Because of his hair, of course! In case you haven't already noticed, Junior has unusually thick hair earning him the nickname "Little Bear".

The abnormal thickness and length of his hair stem from a very rare genetic malfunction that he developed in the womb. At birth, it emerged that he already had a full head of hair and it just kept on growing.

2. Millianna Worthy

alt Credit: Millianna Worthy / Facebook

Millianna Worthy was born with a patch of white hair mixed in with the rest of her very dark hair. This unusual feature stems from a genetic anomaly called polyposis (hypochromia) that she inherited from her mother, 23-year-old Brianna Worthy. Brianna was also born with a patch of grey hair at the front of her head. In fact, Millianna is actually the fourth generation to inherit the unique look. Millianna’s grandmother was also born with partial grey hair.

3. Muin Bachonaev

alt Credit: Muin Bachonaev / VK

Muin Bachonaev is special because he has the longest eyelashes in Russia. They measure in at an incredible 3.5 cm. He has said he is perfectly fine with his eyelashes despite the amount of attention they attract. Muin certainly wouldn't let it get in the way of his dreams of being a footballer.

This little girl was diagnosed with a rare craniofacial anomaly before she was born. Learn more about her story:

4. Giuliano Stroe

alt Credit: Instagram / Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe is a very young Romanian athlete and bodybuilder. He was only two years old when he started working out as his father got him into intensive training. Giuliano's parents were intent on their son having "superpowers".

6. Jare Ijalana

alt Credit: Instagram / the_j3_sisters

Jare Ijalana, a five-year-old girl from Nigeria, has taken social media by storm after photos capturing her immense beauty went viral. She is from a group of three model sisters (the other two girls are named Joba and Jomiloju), and she is being referred to as "the most beautiful girl in the world".

7. Dzhambulat Khatokhov

alt Credit: Dzhambulat Khatokhov / Facebook

Dzhambulat Khatokhov is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world's heaviest child. Born back in 1999 in Terek, Kabardino-Balkaria, he was seemingly like any other newborn. But by the time he was a year old, he weighed as much as 37 lbs. And at the age of two, he weighed 75 lbs while the average weight for a boy of his age was about 55 lbs.

8. Budhathoki family

alt Credit: Budhathoki / Facebook

Living in the mountains of Nepal is a family by the name of Budhathoki. The children in the family suffer from Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa AKA "Werewolf Syndrome". The condition manifests itself in these children, as well as their mother, through the development of excess hair all over their bodies.

9. Bayezid Hossain

alt Credit: Cover Asia Press / Qamruzzaman

Bayezid Hossain, a four-year-old boy from southern Bangladesh, appears to resemble an elderly pensioner more than he does an ordinary boy of his age. He has sagging skin, aching joints, and hollow eyes. He also experiences difficulties urinating and already has weak teeth. Others in his community tend to steer clear of him and kids are too afraid to play with him.

Learn more about the curious case of Bayezid Hossain:

10. Nariyana

alt Credit: Instagram / lenevalena

Nariyana is a young girl whom modeling agencies all over the world are desperate to sign. And that's because of her incredibly unique look. She has albinism which has left her with very pale hair and a fair complexion. She's the only blond in her family and the first albino from both sides of the family.

11. Ava Clarke

alt Credit: Instagram / Ava Clarke

It was evident from the moment she was born that Ava was special. Despite her parents' dark complexions, her eyes were blue and her hair and skin were white. And that's because Ava, like Nariyana, is albino. As a result of the condition, she was very close to losing her vision in both eyes. Following an operation, however, she managed to retain her sight and now just wears glasses.

12. Chahat Kumar

alt Credit: Instagram / dawnnewstv

Chahat Kumar, a baby girl from India, seems to have quite a ravenous appetite. By the age of eight months old, she was already over 37 lbs. Her parents believe that her insatiable appetite was God's doing.

13. Matilda Callaghan

alt Credit: Rebecca Callaghan / Go Fund Me

Five-year-old Matilda Callaghan suffers from Sturge Weber Syndrome (SWS) - a rare neurological and skin disorder that has led to the development of purple spots on her face and the right side of her body.

14. Shiloh Pepin

alt Credit: Press Herald

Shiloh Pepin was born with a rare condition called sirenomelia, also known as "Mermaid Syndrome". As you can see from the photo above, this resulted in her legs being fused together. In the vast majority of cases, Sirenomelia is fatal in newborns but initially, Shiloh seemed to be a medical miracle. However, in 2009, at the age of 10, she tragically passed away.

15. Elise Tan-Roberts

alt Credit: David Crump

Now, this little girl is remarkable, not for her physical appearance or for having some rare condition, but all due to her intelligence. At two years old, she became the youngest member of Mensa and her IQ is only four less than Einstein's. She has an estimated IQ of 156 while Albert Einstein’s IQ was 160.

So there we have it: some of the most unique kids to have walked this earth. If this doesn't make you feel like an underachiever than I don't know what will.