The Worst Temper Tantrums Kids Have Thrown After Not Getting What They Want For Christmas

Nov 18 | 197 sharesEmma Guinness

Christmas is a time of excess for many, particularly in the Western world where parents pride themselves on providing their kids with an #InstaWorthy pile of gifts that takes #ChristmasGoals to a whole new level. But when children are given too much too young, it can lead to unrealistic expectations which, when they aren't met, cause temper tantrums that make Dudley Dursley look polite. And, let's face it, monster piles of presents teach kids nothing about the true meaning of Christmas.

Now that I'm about to enjoy my 26th Christmas, I'm grateful to my parents for never spoiling me to excess as a kid. Sure, I got some pretty awesome presents (that Pokémon tent in 2001 was a highlight), but I never got my entire list from Santa - and the things I got, I was always grateful for, even if they didn't quite meet my expectations (it turns out that even Kris Kringle can't make Pokémon real, or bring my dearly departed goldfish back to life as per my list from 2002).

But for many kids, Christmas isn't about family, peace on Earth or goodwill to all men. Far from it. It's all about the presents and if they are anything less than bountiful, there will be hell to pay - as shown by these unbelievable temper tantrums.

1. Kid gets $50 for Christmas

Now, when you're a little person and have zero responsibilities, money goes a lot further than it does when you're an adult. But this kid was flung into a seasonal rage when his brother got a PS4 and he got $50 instead. While this might seem reasonable enough as the PS4 would have cost more than $50, it turns out that this kid already had a PS4. He was just being a little sh*t.

2. Boy gets coal in his stocking

Most of us grow up with our parents telling us that if we don't behave throughout the year, Santa will put coal in our Christmas stocking instead of presents and that's exactly what happened to this little boy. His actions afterward definitely proved that he was far from a good egg, and instead of accepting his fate, he went nuts and destroyed his family's Christmas tree.

3. This girl who said she didn't get enough presents

Ah, Christmas 1993. It was my first and I can bet that I probably spent it most asleep, getting the odd toy that I wouldn't remember playing with later in life. But this toddler, well, despite being so young, and, judging by the amount of wrapping paper in her living room, getting an ample amount of toys, threw a total hissy fit because in her mind she didn't get enough.

4. Teen can't hide his disappointment after getting Guitar Hero knock off

One of the unfortunate things about the holiday season is that a lot of scammers use it as an opportunity to make a quick buck, creating suspiciously cheap versions of the year's must-have presents. And when this guy got the knock-off version of Guitar Hero minutes after his brother got the real thing, well, he couldn't help but make his feelings known...

5. Crazy 22-year-old torches Christmas tree after he didn't get a Wii U

But it turns out that not all kids who go insane at Christmas over their presents (or lack thereof) are, well, children. Case in point, this 22-year-old man who decided to torch his family's Christmas tree after he didn't get a new games console.

Now, I don't know about you, but I reckon that if I ever have kids of my own, I'll be forcing them to watch the good ol' classic Christmas movies like Scrooge and It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve so that they realize the holiday's about a lot more than just presents - and if they complain, I might just tell them that Santa isn't real and mom's purse strings only stretch so far.