Unbelievable Snooker Shot Involving Pink Ball Has Left The Internet Stunned

Feb | 635 sharesStefan Armitage

Scottish snooker player, Anthony McGill may have just made one of the greatest trick shots of all time, leaving viewers, his opponent and the entire internet stunned! However, some people are wondering whether or not it was intentional.

The trick shot occurred during a second-round match against Stuart Bingham at the World Grand Prix Tournament, which was held in the Guild Hall in Preston, England.

You can watch McGill make the incredible shot for yourself in the video below and decide if it was intentional or just pure luck.

McGill unbelievably potted the pink ball, which looked as if it was intended for the bottom left pocket.

alt Credit: BBC / World of Snooker

McGill's Opponent, Stuart Bingham, is in shock and can hardly believe his eyes when he watches the pink ball disappear into the pocket. McGill did go on to beat Bingham in a 4-1 victory, but likely McGill's win will be overshadowed by the memory of his incredible trick shot.

alt Credit: BBC / World of Snooker

It will surely go down as one of the best trick shots of all time. Snooker legend, Stephen Hendry, who happened to be in the commentary box for the match, said he'd never seen a shot anything like it before.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that,” he said. "People always talk about that type of shot but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done."

alt Image Credit: YouTube

McGill moved on to the quarter-finals in the competition but lost to Ding Junhui.

The 27-year-old snooker star became hooked on the sport as a child after his parents bought him a table to play with. It was a clever decision on their part given that the Glasgow-born sensation is now a professional player of the sport.

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“There is an extension built at the back of the house that's got a table in it, they built that especially to put a snooker table in it for me. I'm not sure how much that cost, but it must have sent them back a bit. They would just do anything for me," McGill told The Scotsman of his childhood introduction to snooker.

alt Image Credit: YouTube

Since then he's won the 2016 Indian Open and won £613,870 in prize money. Not bad considering he's only been a professional player of the sport since 2010. He is currently ranked 16th in the world, having fallen one place from the 2016 season.