The Twins Who Played Baby Emma In Friends Are All Grown Up And We Have Never Felt Older

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Now that many iconic movies and TV shows are slowly but surely getting older, a lot of us have been left wondering: what happened to their child actors? Sure, we all know the cautionary tale of the ultimate 90s child star Macaulay Culkin (shoutout to Mac for finally getting back on the straight and narrow), but what about some of the lesser-known kids?

How about the twins who played baby Emma in Friends? I mean, 2002 wasn't that long ago? Right? RIGHT? Okay, maybe it's just my age showing, but they're now 16 and, quite frankly, I can feel my ovaries turning to dust as I look at them.

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Actresses Noelle and Cali Sheldon turned 16 in June last year. We're about to see them again as they've just landed roles in a major new movie - Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror film, Us - which stars Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong'o, and Winston Duke.

For another 'Friends' throwback, check out this chance encounter between Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck (Monica and Richard) in a New York restaurant:

Well, if anything was a far cry from the beloved US sitcom, it's a horror movie.

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The twins revealed their exciting news by posting the movie's trailer on Instagram, with Nicole writing, "So happy I got to be a part of this movie, it looks amazing and terrifying!"

Check out the gripping new trailer for 'Us' in the video below:

This isn't any horror movie either, but the highly anticipated sequel to Peele's critically acclaimed directorial debut Get Out.

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It centers on a family who returns home to discover four masked strangers - strangers who go on to stalk and haunt their lives.

The twins are pictured below in a very familiar location, Central Perk!

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Friends fans have taken to Twitter to express just how old the twin's age has made them feel.

Twitter user @justlucyslife wrote, “Ok so I was watching Friends last night and Ross was filming a tape for Emma's 18th birthday and Chandler says the line 'Hi Emma. It's 2020. Have you woken up from your nap yet.'"

"And it's just dawned on me that 2020 is NEXT YEAR. Emma would be 18 NEXT YEAR."

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"I could've sworn the show ended a couple of years ago. Can we go back to when we felt youthful?" another Friends fan added.

"That's insane. However I'm now trying to work out how many years I've been friends obsessed for [sic]," wrote a third.

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This lead Friends fans on Twitter to conclude that if there was ever going to be a reunion show, 2020 would be the perfect year to do it - coinciding with Emma's 18th birthday party. Oh, a Friends fan can dream!

"I've always said that they should do the reunion for Emma's 18th birthday WE NEED THIS," one Twitter user suggested.

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"Next year would be the perfect year to do a reunion. Emma can watch the tapes," another fan agreed.

Well, they do say that customers - or, in this instance, fans - are never wrong, so Friends creators, you know what to do.

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