Model On First Date Reels Off Impossible 22-Point Checklist For Perfect Man

Oct 18 | 1.5K sharesMichelle Hambiliki

Everyone has a "type" when it comes to what they look for in a potential partner. Some people's types are pretty specific, for instance, they might only go for someone with a particular hair color or have a preference for someone who has a certain personality trait. Others might be a bit more open to more than one "type" - but let's face, we all have an overall idea of how we want our partners to look and what we want them to be like.

However, there's "having a type" and there's "unreasonable criteria that you unrealistically expect a partner to meet". Some people are just insanely picky, so picky in fact, that they have an actual checklist of traits their ideal man or woman must meet for a shot at being their other half. Sounds worth it, right?

Well, Jade Ainsworth is one of these picky daters. When she appeared on the popular British dating show, First Dates, she had no idea the reaction she would eventually receive for her 22-point checklist.

Yep, before going on a date with 33-year-old Adam, the model revealed the 22 very specific ideals she looks for in a man. Included in the list was "a low sex drive", "no snorers", "no tattoos", "no one who's a minge bag", "no one with a psycho ex" and "no short guys." And the list goes on...

Take a sneak peek of the actual date here:

"I've been asked three times before to appear, but I'd never seen the show so I didn't know what I was letting myself in for," Jade told the Liverpool Echo. "My mom eventually persuaded me to go on and after a couple of interviews over Skype, I headed down to London.

"I've been single for four years and I'm obsessed with my dog Daisy who sleeps in my bed - I even have a 50-inch picture of her on my wall. I'm obsessed and producers were keen to hear about that."

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While she confessed that her checklist may have been a little overzealous, it's just to make sure no guy tries to take advantage of her and mess her around, according to the Echo.

"I've really thought about what I do and don't want and I think it's good to have a list," she said. "I want a man with a low sex drive, because practically every man I know cheats on his partner, so I figured if they have a low sex drive, they'll be less likely to cheat."

Personally, I think it'll be extremely tough for her to find the man of her dreams because no one can 100% match up with our own idea of perfection. But good luck to her!