John Legend Singing Gordon Ramsay Insults Is The Best Thing On The Internet

Oct 18 | 48 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

Gordon Ramsay is a pretty big deal in the world of celebrity chefs. I mean, Paula Deen may be infamous for some truly regrettable comments she has made and Mario Batali might be considered the absolute master of Italian cuisine, but they have absolutely nothing on the foul-mouthed, argumentative, and thoroughly entertaining TV personality that is Gordon Ramsay.

Yep, Ramsay is definitely one of the most intimidating men on reality TV. No one could ever deny his passion for upholding high standards in the service industry, which is backed up by the impressive 16 Michelin stars he has to his name.

But while it would be very easy for Ramsay's "angry perfectionist" persona to be received poorly by the public, in actual fact, many viewers find him refreshingly honest. People really have a lot of respect for the guy, his witty one-liners and insults.

And as it turns out, Oscar-winning musician John Legend is also a fan. Remember when he performed that hysterical tribute to the esteemed restauranteur on The Nightly Show? The popular singer, who had a role in the beloved 2016 musical La La Land, featured in a hilarious sketch that revolved around him releasing a collaborative album with the outspoken chef and that the album would be called, Gordon.

Watch the hilarious skit here:

Legend plays the piano while reciting some of the classic insults that have come out of Ramsay's mouth throughout his TV career. Lines like, "How the f*** did you burn ice cream?" and "There's more olive oil on this than on Popeye's d***", make an appearance.

Ramsay even contributed to the YouTube video's comment section, writing that he's looking forward to the album coming out.

alt Credit: YouTube

But unfortunately, the album isn't actually real and so no one will be able to purchase it. And although the skit itself is very amusing, the show it was taken from, The Nightly Show wasn't exactly well received by the critics when it aired back in February of last year.

alt Credit: ITV/The Nightly Show

It was filmed in the UK and was conceived as a response to late-night talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The show would feature a different guest presenter every six days - and for one particular week, it was Ramsay's turn to show the world what he's capable of outside the kitchen.

Okay, so maybe the show as a whole wasn't the best, but one thing's for sure, we definitely have The Nightly Show to thank for this gem of a skit.