Controversial Reality Show Gets Panel To Guess Whether Woman Is Fat Or Pregnant

Oct 18 | 853 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

It's best never to ask a woman how far along she is in her pregnancy just in case she, mortifyingly, isn't actually pregnant at all. I mean, even if you are almost 100% sure she's knocked up, there's still a slight possibility she might just have a particularly round belly. So unless you thrive in awkward situations, just avoid it, okay?

So we've all agreed that it's massively awkward and yet somehow a whole TV show revolves around just that - guessing whether a lady is pregnant or just fat. It's a Dutch reality TV show called Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee which in English means "Bring Your Bathing Suit".

In the first episode, four men watch as the female guests came out on stage, one by one, to be scrutinized for several minutes. In the next part of the show, the men were to guess whether they thought the woman was with child or not.

Take a peek at the daring show:

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people were unamused by the concept of the show and felt that the women were being humiliated purely for entertainment purposes. Some offended viewers even took to their Twitter accounts to express their disapproval.

"For everyone thinking The Netherlands is great," one Twitter user wrote. "We reached a new low yesterday night. National TV game show: "is she pregnant or just fat?"


But if you thought this segment was bad enough, just wait until you see the next one. The panel, exclusively made up of men, were then asked whether they thought the women's breasts were real or not - I know, right?

The pilot aired last year and had another controversial segment whereby an Asian man was scrutinized based on certain racial characteristics. He was even put on stage and rotated around in order to give the contestants a better view of his face and body. They were then asked to guess whether he was Chinese or Japanese.

alt Credit: kro-ncrv

It's incredible in this age of political correctness that such a show would ever be allowed on air. But the producers of the Dutch TV show are far from apologetic. This is the statement they released defending the show:

"Your 'fat or pregnant' shows how you can go wrong if someone evaluates his or her appearance. With a satirical setting, it is a way to laugh off all kinds of prejudices."

Yeah, we totally believe you! It wasn't done to get a few cheap laughs, not at all.