Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Stuns With Her Jaw-Dropping Body Transformation

Feb | 108 sharesEmma Guinness

Being a weather girl is an important job. In the age of smartphones, it's harder than ever to capture people's attention and encourage them to get more comprehensive news from the TV, but that's not a problem for Mexico's hottest meteorologist Yanet Garcia.

The 27-year-old has been stunning audiences around the country with her shockingly good looks, which have only got better over time.

She captioned this before and after picture, "[Seven] years ago .... Effort, dedication and discipline!!!! Every achievement starts with the decision to try it.The results of the discipline... You can not buy anything IF I CAN, YOU CAN TOO (sic)."

Check out the video below where she pours herself an extravagant bubble bath: 

As you'll see from the video, the stunning weather girl had a boyfriend when it was taken, however, it looks like she could now be on the market again after she and her possible ex-beau, Doug Marti, posted cryptic Tweets about being heartbroken at the weekend.

While these tweets could be a reference to a number of difficult personal events, such as the death of someone close to Garcia and Marti, it seems more than likely that the one loved-up couple has decided to part ways.

A day before these tweets were posted, the pair posted a lighthearted video of themselves having fun, and, it's no wonder, as Garcia has recently unveiled her incredible transformation from a conventionally slight beautiful woman to a fit and toned goddess.

With hard work and determination, the 27-year-old has bulked up her body, proving that while skinny looks good, looking fit and lean looks even better. This is something which has been praised by a number of news agencies.

Garcia is featured below working out her incredible booty. Kim Kardashian might have got a famous derriere under the knife, but this weather girl is a testament to the fact that sometimes the natural route yields more impressive results.

These photographs come as part of a wider "strong not skinny" movement which is encouraging women to get fitter instead of just thinner.

"I work every day super strong, and I give my best to achieve the clear objectives that I have," Garcia said of her transformation.

"I am very enterprising, very hardworking and dedicated. What has happened to me is the result of a daily effort and I am very happy."

However, as is the case for so many beautiful women, Garcia is not without her haters, some of whom have accused her of surgically enhancing her appearance.

While there is no denying that Garcia has a naturally beautiful face, her critics argued that it would be physically impossible for a woman with her frame to obtain a bum that toned and firm without the help of a surgeon.

In response to these accusations, the 27-year-old has posted various pictures and videos of herself working out, writing, "Haha, please, exercise and live healthy to see the results."

Garcia's body, however, is not just the result of going to the gym. She claims that she spends a lot of her free time working on her physique, frequently boxing and jogging too.

Needless to say, the weather girl-turned-model has a lot of fans online, and, to date, she has over 5.6 million followers on Instagram.

The Mexico-native currently lives in New York, and her fans consistently praise her stunning pictures, writing comments such as "Hot so hot".

Garcia was described by Cosmopolitan as having one of Instagram's "most bubblelicious butts".

We wish the meteorologist all the best in her future career and hope that she and her boyfriend haven't recently split...

But if they have, we're confident that she'll soon find a replacement.