Kylie Jenner Finally Shows Off Her Hot Post-Baby Body One Month After Stormi's Birth

Mar | 44 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

It's pretty well-documented that bouncing back after a long and arduous nine-month-long pregnancy is one of the most difficult things you can do.

And while for ordinary people, it can seem almost impossible to go back to your pre-baby body once you've given birth, celebrities are constantly proving that a privileged lifestyle can help you a lot in that respect.


With personal trainers and time to spare, wealthy celebrities certainly have the means to "improve" their figure after childbirth.

Well, it looks like Kylie Jenner, who gave birth on February 1, has already gone back being an ordinary 20-year-old with an "unblemished" figure.

Kylie, who is dating rapper Travis Scott, only confirmed the birth of her baby girl three days afterward, but it looks like she has now gone back to being her very open and revealing self.


Yes, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has shown off her post-baby body a mere month after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi, and she is looking better than ever.

The lip kit entrepreneur has kept coy about many of the details surrounding her daughter's pregnancy, birth and first month in the world.

But just weeks after the highly anticipated and very secretive birth of her first child, Kylie has released the very revealing videos on Snapchat and Instagram.

Kylie showed off her insanely hot body in two Instagram stories and an identical Snapchat story:

In the clips, the reality TV star can be seen simply wearing a thong and crop top and showing off her flat stomach in a seductive selfie which she posted on her Instagram story yesterday.

This marks the first time since reports of her pregnancy started circulating in September, that she has uncovered her midriff for the world to see.

Even in a Calvin Klein ad, Kylie went to the extent of covering herself in a quilt in many of the shots.


Kylie captioned the picture "1 monthhhhhh".


It's actually pretty incredible that just a month after the birth, she's made such great strides towards keeping up her fitness even with the stress of being a young mother.


Aside from the revealing snaps, Kylie seems to have gone back to being a regular social media user after many months of secrecy during the pregnancy.

Kylie has recently been sharing more photos of herself since giving birth, and two of them are now on her official Instagram page:


Kylie has been sorely missed by her young fans on social media and photos like these could be a sign that she's on her way back.


The Snapchat and Instagram videos seem like pretty strong indicators that she is back for good.

It will be interesting either way - many people have speculated that the star might be a lot more restrained on social media now that she is a mother.

As far as Kylie's daughter is concerned, she has yet to reveal Stormi's face and has just shown glimpses of her hand and feet.


Although, she did post this image yesterday where you can see a TEENY TINY bit of Stormi's face - and she looks adorable:


However Kylie chooses to go about her social media activity, we wish her and her family the absolute best.