Ellen DeGeneres Called Out Lady Gaga For Ignoring Her And It Was Awkward AF

Oct 18 | 32 sharesEmma Guinness

Who doesn't love Lady Gaga? The meat-dress wearing weirdo who won us all over way back in 2008 with her hit debut album The Fame. Since then, the New York native singer-songwriter has only gone from strength to strength, releasing hit record after hit record and wowing us not only with her lyrical and vocal talent but her seriously eclectic wardrobe.

Another lady who's loved the world over is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. But it turns out that Lady Gaga has been less than receptive to her attempts to forge a friendship, as revealed during a recent interview where Gaga was promoting her new movie A Star is Born. And since we all know how it feels to get left on two blue ticks, Ellen's frustration is all too relatable.

The interview is due to air this Tuesday and it's the first time Ellen has interviewed Gaga in years, but they have seen each other regularly since then. In teaser clip posted to Twitter, Ellen calls out Gaga for ignoring her text.

"We saw each other at Jimmy's wedding," Ellen said. "I texted you after Jimmy's wedding. Remember we said we're gonna get together and I never heard from you?"

To see Lady Gaga's reaction to being called out on not texting back, check out the video below:

"I saw the movie the other night. I texted Bradley. Bradley got right back to me. Got back to me immediately. Texted you - nothing. You never text me back."

Now, I don't know about you but Gaga's reaction is all too relatable. When you've got a busy life, unfortunately, you prioritize some messages over others and before you know it, you've left someone you like and care about on read for weeks.


One thing's for sure - if any of Ellen's other celeb friends have left her on "read", they'll be replying straight away after seeing this interview! You don't mess with the beloved queen of daytime TV.