This 80-Year-Old Cancer-Stricken Nun Has Been Left Skint After Legal Battle With Katy Perry

Mar 18 | 4K sharesMichelle Hambiliki

If you haven't yet chosen sides in the Team Taylor vs Team Katy battle, chances are Team Taylor is about to get a lot more supporters. While Taylor Swift has nothing to do with this story, Katy Perry's recent actions are putting a sour taste in many people's mouths.


Last week's biggest talking point was how Katy Perry forced a teenage boy to kiss her on American Idol, leading to cries of sexual assault:

Perry is definitely looking like the bad guy these days. Despite popping up as American Idol's most famous judge this year, she isn't winning points for helping struggling musicians find their voice. That's because she's too busy evicting and bankrupting an 80-year-old dying nun.


Yes, you heard that right. A Los Angeles nun named Sister Rita Callanan can't afford to feed herself because she's been left broke by an intense legal battle with Katy Perry over the sale of the sister's convent for $14 million dollars. Did I mention sister Callanan is also dying of cancer?

Katty Perry is buying the Convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, where Sister Callanan thought she'd be living until her last days, from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


Perry claims a man named Jose Gomez, who says he owned the property, sold it to her in 2015. Perry wants the property so that she can turn it into a 22,000-square-foot Mediterranean-inspired property so that she can "sip green tea and find herself".

Sister Callanan and a fellow remaining nun at the convent believed that they should have had the right to sell the property, and have been in a fierce legal battle with Perry, which cost the life of one of the sisters.


Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed and died on Friday in the courtroom where the case was being heard.

Watch the news coverage of her death below:

Holzman, who was 89, had a final please to Perry, which she gave earlier in the court on the day she died.


"To Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people," Holtzman said.

The two sisters had previously agreed to sell the property to a local restauranteur who they believed would have treated the property with respect, but concurrently, the archdiocese decided to sell it to Perry.


Perry even sued the local restauranteur for interference and a judge ordered her to pay $15 million in damages to be split between Perry and the archdiocese.

"Our Sisters were supposed to live for the rest of our lives at our beloved Convent,” the nuns wrote on a website devoted to the fight with Perry.


The message continued, “But, against our will, the Archdiocese removed us to ‘monetize’ our property. Katy Perry wants it and she has no concern for the terrible path of destruction she is creating to get it.”

Sister Callanan is now appealing to the Vatican, hoping to see some justice and compassion before her own death.


I sure hope that, as Katy Perry finds herself over sips of green tea, she also finds some humility and her own sense of compassion, as well.