24 People Who Are Insistent On Lying, Cheating And Deceiving Their Way Through Life

Mar | 381 sharesMichelle Hambiliki

We all know that social media has given us a platform to shamelessly bring out the vainest, most narcissistic aspects of our personality. It's a hotbed of people trying to convince their friends, acquaintances, and let's face it, a bunch of strangers, that their lives are more exciting and fabulous than they actually are.

However, no one has attempted to mislead people more so than those on this list. Prepare yourself for some of the most deceptive behavior to have taken place on the internet.

Watch popular YouTuber AzzyLand give her take on the liars of social media:

1. When someone asks for a sexy photo

alt Credit: LiquidLightening / Imgur

Is this sexy enough for you?

2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not the last one

alt Credit: avecunepomme / Imgur

It didn't take long to figure that one out...

3. I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact arm in a different photo

alt Credit: MaxDivision / Reddit

He ain't got muscles but he's got balls.

4. Traffic? Yeah in your head

alt Credit: justanothergoat / Imgur

Life just seems so much more exciting when you're stuck in traffic, right?

5. Hmmm, the deception is real

alt Credit: Zaqudon / Reddit

Well, they tried...

6. Just one movie ticket, sir?

alt Credit: dazthecat / Reddit

It's like something out of a Disney movie...

7. Which one would you rather have?

alt Credit: Region89 / Pikabu

So one guy who wanted to purchase a toy poodle was given a huge, long-haired ferret on steroids instead.

8. All the superficial people are on social media

alt Credit: Smallbot / Pikabu

Imagine caring that much about what someone thinks of you...

9. Trucks are just as deceptive as human beings

alt Credit: 19wesley88 / Imgur

We fit, my ass...

10. Stool sample? I would never be so crude...

alt Credit: Gabbar / Imgur

But if you insist on stool, I'll give you stool!

11. Never deceive your pets on the way to the vet

alt Credit: IDunkedMyTesticlesInMayo / Imgur

They'll figure it out eventually...

12. Bigger than what? A chess piece? A button? A rose petal?

alt Credit: SpartaWolf117 / Imgur

No deception is more devastating than falsely being told you're in for a bigger portion of chips.

13. As if you needed more proof that vegans are being persecuted in the 21st century...

alt Credit: Hooitka / Pikabu

This is just plain wrong (and ever so slightly comical) on all levels.

14. There's something fishy going on with that fence

alt Credit: iSperminator / Imgur

But hey, this girl managed to slice a bit of fat from her waist so everyone's a winner.

15. Fake pregnancies on social media?

alt Credit: Woodshadow / Reddit

That's a whole new low - even for our generation...

16. It's a modern-day miracle

alt Credit: IHateMulesTheyAreSoHalfAssed / Imgur

Brutal - thrown under the bus by her own Facebook friend.

17. So which guy's the truck?

alt Credit: Deathman / Pikabu

This is false advertising in my eyes...

18. Hmmm, that's weird, I could have sworn this was taken from your phone?

alt Credit: HeyoSlick / Reddit

But whatever you say...

19. Is that an upside down phone I see?

alt Credit: Luffymcfly / Imgur

They don't call the show Pretty Little Liars for nothing!

20. It may be plugged in but it's totally "solar powered"!

alt Credit: nchoi / Imgur

The irony is strong in this photo...

21. Is that a stack of jeans I see?

alt Credit: mrbradfo / Imgur

Oh, no one pair disguised as a stack of jeans? Pathetic.

22. I'm so cultured and well-read

alt Credit: achillesc / Imgur

I hardly ever use my phone...

23. Look at my impeccable rock-climbing skills

alt Credit: rufusc / Imgur

It's less than a meter's worth of strenuous activity and adventure...

24. So this guy claims to hate cats

alt Credit: crossturtle / Imgur

But I'm just a little skeptical...

Yep, these people are some of the most deceptive people you will ever come across. Hopefully, now that they've been exposed for the liars that they are, they will have learned a lesson or two in honesty.