Married Men Reveal The Moment They Realized They Were Going To Marry Their Girlfriends

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There are fewer things more romantic than proposing to someone with the intention of being their lawful wedded husband or wife, until the rest of your days. Getting hitched is the ultimate commitment, which is why that moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is pretty special.

And considering men are usually the ones doing the proposing, the point at which they knew they wanted to marry their other halves is a particularly memorable one.

Remember the "When did you know she was the one?" scene from Good Will Hunting?

Thanks to the Reddit thread, "Married men of Reddit, at what point did you know that you were going to marry the girl you were dating?", a number of the site's users have shared their own experiences on the topic.

So without further ado, here are 15 personal stories by men, about the moment they realized they would marry their girlfriends.

1. A pretty casual revelation

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"When she said 'I booked the place we're getting Married at. Do you want a mango cake or passion fruit orange guava?' I was like 'uhhh .. mango I guess.'" - Ambercapuchin

2. At dinner with the (future) in-laws

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"The first time I met my now-wife's family I had a similar experience. We're there for dinner and I am super nervous because the whole relationship is quite new. My wife's best friends are there as well and are sat at the other end of the table with her sister. They start going on about how our wedding is going to be, what venue, what kind of decorations, what kind of cake etc etc.

"I get visibly more nervous so her mom (in an attempt to defuse the situation) leans over to me and says 'Don't worry snokster, WHEN you get married you'll have a say in all of this'.

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"Both me and my now-wife basically choke. Everyone else at the table start laughing their asses off. I learned that my mother-in-law wasn't native and meant to say 'IF you get married...'

"But since this thread is about when I realized I was gonna marry this girl, I guess the decision was made for me at that dinner..." - snokster

3. Treating your boyfriend's mother well will seal the deal

"Two months into our relationship, my father was away on vacation that had been planned quite in advance. My mother couldn't follow as originally planned because she was ill (she INSISTED that he still go on with the vacation.. if it had been up to my father, he would had canceled his vacation.. but I digress)

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"So it was up to me to take care of my mother during these hard times. Without me asking anything of her, my then GF totally supported us. She went with us to doc appointments, to the pharmacy, etc. I was absolutely blown away by the compassion she was showing to my mother, who was basically a complete stranger to her at that point.

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"My mother had to spend a couple of days at the hospital. What really sealed the deal between my GF and I was when we picked my mother up from the hospital to bring her back home. She sat on the backseat of my car with my mother and consoled her for the entire ride back home. Mother was pretty sad because she didn't like how she was treated by the hospital staff. I'll NEVER forget this ride.

That's when I knew I had to keep this amazing woman in my life." - FianceInquiet

4. She showed plenty of commitment

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"I got sent to a long-term project in South Florida while working in West Texas/Eastern NM. I asked her to come with me and she said yes. I literally knew right then that we were committed to each other." - Treebone_Dickrat

5. She was proud of her man for staying clean

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"I'm coming up on three years clean off of cocaine. Last year I mentioned to her that I was really proud of myself cause I was coming up on my two year anniversary. We were just starting out dating but had been best friends for a while before that. But on my two year anniversary I didn't plan to do anything except give myself a pat on the back really. She picked me up from work unannounced, took me to my favorite park and she had bought me a really sweet card, my favorite candies and a meal from my favorite restaurant in town. The fact that she did something for me on a day where I had zero expectations of anyone doing anything was truly amazing." - Stanarchy93

6. She took the heel sandwich

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"We were in college and studying for midterms at her apartment. I went to make us some sandwiches and found out that one of us would have to get the heel. I hate the heel, but loved the girl. I made the sandwiches and took them out and handed her the heel free sandwich and said, "that's how much I care about you. I took the heel." She looked at me and said, "but I love the heel." She took the heel sandwich. I told her that at that point I knew things were alleys going to work out with us. We eat the parts of foods the other doesn't like. It's perfect." - Solastor

7. She let him fart in front of her

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"Been with my gf for three years. Maybe a month in I asked her if I could fart in front of her. She laughed and said go for it. I dropped a nuclear blast that was so ridiculously comical and over the top - we both laughed so hard. Maybe a week later she unintentionally farted on my dick as I was giving it to her doggy style. I still bring that up." - whatthefrick420

8. She supported him when his dog died

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"When my dog died. She dropped everything and came over. She held me all night as I cried. She cried because I was so sad. Never had someone care for me like that. She drove me to McDonald's and just held me. Didn't say a word. She didn't need to. She instantly knew what I needed and still almost always does. Even if I don't want to hear it. I know when I'm truly heartbroken she won't say anything. She will do right by my needs" - Grapetattoo

9. She supported him through a devastating tragedy

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"I have a similar story. 2 years ago a close friend of mine shot himself without any warning, it was devastating. I remember being in his apartment almost all day after hearing about it with our other close friends picking up his room and packing things up for his family (they were shitty people, asked us to do it for them). That night after driving home I was sitting on the floor looking at some of the mementos I took from his room when my girlfriend walked through the door and immediately rushed to hold me. I broke down as soon as I saw her, almost threw up from how hard I was balling. She held me all night, and did everything she could to be supportive even helping me fly out for his funeral. I wouldn’t have gotten to say goodbye without her help, just one of many reasons why I’m locking that down tight." - LeCraigJennings

10. Her smile sealed the deal

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"Not married, but I fully intend to marry my girlfriend. Knew when I thought to myself "ooooh so that's why people get married", whilst looking at her smile. About... 4 months in, something like that. And I'm reminded of that feeling every time I think she's angry or upset, and we click on yet one thing more. Never had a connection so strong, so honest, so pure. Every other relationship I had looks like a teen's plaything by comparison." - Lukebad

11. The first kiss

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"During the first kiss. It felt so right to kiss her in a way I never felt in the relationships that were before her. I decided right then and there to marry her.

"But I'm not an idiot that's railroaded by his emotions. I set myself a hard rule: no proposal before having lived together for two years.

"That was nine years ago. We've been married for seven years now and have two kids. Kissing her is still the highlight of my days, though getting kissed by the kids is up there with her kisses." - alphager

12. It took just a couple of months of dating

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"The night I met her, I told myself I was going to marry her. I wasn't actually being serious—I just thought she was really cute—but a couple of months into dating her, I knew I actually was going to marry her. We were married within a year and our 10th wedding anniversary will be in October." - UndeadBread

13. She stuck with him through thick and thin

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"We started dating at 15 and 16. We were both damn kids. First year into dating we were talking about getting married. It actually didn't sink totally in that I was going to marry her until I got off a plane 4 years later. I had been gone for 10 months while stationed at FT Sill Oklahoma. I was coming home on leave and was walking to baggage claim. She was standing there waiting for me with the biggest smile on her face so full of excitement. I really realized how much she loved me. I had been blind to it before. She stuck with me during my time in. We’ve been together 12 years now. Been married for 4 of the 12. I could never imagine a life without her." - pretorian418

14. She liked the sound of his last name

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"Had to rush her to the emergency room suddenly for kidney stones while we were dating. While hopped up on anesthesia, she proceeded to say her first, middle, and MY last name together. Saying that she really liked the sound of it. 4 years later I put a ring on it." - MortimerToKill

15. He could make her happy like no one else

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"We were teenagers and just laying in my single bed. It was probably like 5 months into the relationship. We were watching something silly on TV and I looked over and saw she was crying and smiling. I asked her what was wrong and she said something to the effect of, "Absolutely nothing is wrong when I'm with you, that's why I'm crying. Just sitting here, as we are, and it crossed my mind that this could end someday. Either by some stupid breakup or death or whatever...Just sucks that I won't feel what I feel now, forever." I've never had someone express themselves to me like that before and it blew me away. We've been together for 10 years, and happily married for 5. We waited to get married cause we just knew we would be together for life, but it bothered me that it wasn't "official," so I proposed. She wasn't even surprised I don't think. She just looked at me teary-eyed and said, "Of course" when I asked. So yep, met her when I was 17 and still in very much in love at the age of 27." - GreenPenguin291

It's pretty incredible that a few subtle signs and gestures can show you that you and your partner are committed enough to each other to want to put a ring on it. It's also special how varied each of these anecdotes has been - relationships all go down different routes but often, the end goal is total and utter commitment.