Giant Spider Being Rescued From Australian Flood Waters Will Haunt Your Dreams

Mar 18 | 31.6K sharesEmma Guinness

Australia is typically famed for its warm and humid weather, however, North Queensland has recently been hit by severe flooding. The situation is so bad that Ingham was declared a disaster zone on Friday after floodwaters ravaged an area larger than New South Wales.

Politician Annastacia Palaszczuk traveled to the area to assess the damage and said, "I don't think people in the south-east realize how much impact this flood has had on this region and the surrounding communities. About 90 percent of properties have had some impact from the floodwaters."

While the damage caused by the floodwaters is devastating enough, it has also brought another problem with it - wild animals. Now residents in the affected areas are being warned to be aware of the possibility of crocodiles and snakes turning up in "unexpected places".

But it's not just crocodiles and snakes that they should be worried about, as every arachnophobe's worst nightmare has also made an appearance.

alt Credit: Channel 9 News

A giant spider was also found clinging to a tree branch for dear life while the flood waters passed underneath it. While most people, especially those with a fear of spiders, would have let nature take its course, a brave resident in the area decided to save the spider from its fate.

Footage of the shocking incident, which took place above the flooded Herbert River at Halifax, quickly went viral, as people on social media were astounded by the sheer size of the spider in question. First posted by Andrew Gilberto, the report was publicised by Channel 9 News.

The decision of the brave local to save the spider by moving it to safety was met with shock and horror on social media, with some people claiming that they would have rather have taken their chances with a crocodile or a snake as opposed to an arachnid that big.

Others joked about the possibility of giant spiders taking over and the likelihood of the resident's kindness being remembered.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm glad I'm not currently in Queensland. If I'd seen that spider, I have definitely left Mother Nature to it, but I guess it's sort of heartwarming that a brave soul decided to step in...

However, it turns out that a scientist got an even bigger fright in 2014 when he discovered a spider the size of a PUPPY!

The shocking find was made in the Amazonian rainforest by entomologist Piotr Naskrecki. He said that the Goliath birdeater spider was so big that just hearing it walk sounded like the clip-clopping of horse hooves, which can be explained by its foot-long leg span!


alt Credit: Piotr Naskrecki

"I could clearly hear its hard feet hitting the ground and dry leaves crumbling under its weight," Naskrecki wrote on his blog. "I pressed the switch and pointed the light at the source of the sound, expecting to see a small mammal, a possum, a rat maybe."

alt Credit: Piotr Naskrecki

The Goliath birdeater spider can weigh up to 30kg, which is the weight of a small puppy. I know what I'd rather encounter!

alt Credit: Getty

"The Goliath birdeater is probably the only spider in the world that makes noise as it walks," Naskrecki continued. "Its feet have hardened tips and claws that produce a very distinct, clicking sound, not unlike that of a horse's hooves hitting the ground."

Okay, so now I've made a mental note to avoid the Amazonian rainforest as well as anywhere in Australia that's recently been hit by a flood!