Fearless Sexual Harassment Victim Restrains Her Attacker While Reporting Him To The Police

Mar | 2.3K sharesMichelle Hambiliki

Sexual harassment occurs on a daily basis in every corner of the world. And all too often, attackers get away with their heinous crimes. However, one sexual harassment victim from India made sure that the perpetrator wouldn't be able to get away with it.

Watch the moment she dragged him by his collar through a market in New Delhi:

The woman held on tightly to the man's collar so that he couldn't escape, all while calling the police to report the attack.

The man, a 21-year-old student, tried to get away from her, but he struggled to break free, as more and more people gathered to watch.

"There were three men in a rickshaw. Two of them were constantly passing lewd comments and making obscene gestures," she said in an interview shortly after the incident. "The third man did not do anything. Initially, we tried to avoid them but they kept stalking us. Two of them even followed us around while passing such vulgar comments."

alt Credit: CEN

"Passers-by helped me in nabbing the man," she added. "I had called up the police control room but before the cops reaching the spot, a traffic official spotted me on the road and offered help. The traffic policeman caught hold of the man and with the help of a passer-by took us to the police station.

"The man being dragged in the video has been identified as Manish Kumar, and the police at Karol Bagh Police Station forced Kumar to call the other man, called Abhishek, and ask him to come to the police station. They told Kumar to say that the charges had been dropped and that the victim just wanted a "compromise". However, when Abhishek arrived at the police station, he was immediately arrested.

alt Credit: CEN

The woman went on to make a public statement, saying: "I want to thank the police and locals for helping me nab the two men. This is not the first time that I have been harassed on the road but I decided to hit back this time because despite being ignored, they persisted and followed me."

It takes a very brave person to stand up to their attacker to such an extent that they will even physically restrain them in order to bring them to justice. Well done to the woman and everyone who helped to restrain him.