Father's Sunken GoPro Resurfaces A Year Later With An Eyeopening Backstory

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Sometimes there are some events that happen in our lives that make us take a step back, and realize just how weird the world truly is. That is exactly what happened when absolute strangers had their lives collide in the most obscure way possible, and the effect it had on both of them really did change the way they saw the world from that moment onwards.

It all began when a man called Kyle Puelston and his family went to a particular spot that they would go every summer to spend time together, and have fun jumping into the waters below. Little did he know, this year was going to be very different...

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Footage From A GoPro With A Phenomenal Story

Kyle always felt that this trip they did every summer with his parents, his sister, his wife and his kids was one of the utmost special mini-vacation weekends they spend together. It held so many memories for them, as they came back to the same spot every year. So when Kyle's wife bought him a GoPro camera for his birthday, it was the perfect opportunity to capture some memories....

Kyle recorded his sister and his wife jumping off the edge of the cliff and into the cool water below. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and all of them were enjoying themselves spending time having fun together.

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1. Minnesota's Summer Spot

Each of the family members took turns jumping in the water with the GoPro watching them, so they all had footage of their crazy jumps in their favorite spot in Minnesota's Temperance river. In fact, this area where the river would flow is in fact one of the most beautiful spots to hang out in summer in Minnesota. But today, everything was going to change...

It was a perfect day in Minnesota, and the sky was bluer than blue, the weather warm, and everybody wore smiles on their faces.

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2. Into The Waters

It was definitely the perfect time to use the GoPro that Kyle had received for his birthday from his wife, and capture some of the funny moments with his family that he cherished so much. Little did he know, this day would be the start of a remarkable one year story that only the GoPro would be able to tell...

Kyle's Dad was now a grandfather, so you can imagine how much joy he had spending time with his family. But that didn't stop him from jumping in the river!

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3. Happy Jumpers

Kyle was the photographer at all times, with the GoPro strapped to his head, clicking photos and taking videos of all of his family members to remember this year's trip to their treasured spot by Minnesota's Temperance river. But little did they know, the next jump into the river was going to change their whole entire day...

Little did Kyle know, that this jump in with his sister in sync was going to alter how they all felt about their day by the Minnesota river. But as he counted down, perhaps fate was watching...

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4. The Final Jump

Kyle counted down from three, signaling to his sister on the other side when to jump off the rocks and into the refreshing waters below. Suddenly, they both jumped... but this was the jump that was about to turn Kyle's day completely on its head, and as Kyle hit the water below, he knew exactly what had happened...

The water sloshed and stirred around him, as the GoPro loosened on Kyle's head. It began to slip off his forehead, but before Kyle could grab it, it had gone...

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5. The GoPro Falls Deep Underwater

Underneath the water, it was murky and dark, and the GoPro continued to film every single splash as it sunk to the bottom of the Minnesota river. The current picked up, and Kyle's GoPro camera began to role at the bottom of the river bed, across the sands below, only filming the fish that swam above...

Kyle instantly knew the GoPro had gone, but he was going to do his best to find it. Kyle swam around and dove down into the water to try and find it, but he had no luck.

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6. Gone Forever

Whilst he swam, the GoPro kept on recording, and filmed his shadowy body from below the depths of the water. But for Kyle, the GoPro was completely lost. There was no way he would ever find it, and by the end of the day, Kyle had to accept the truth - the GoPro with all his precious memories on, was lost forever...

When recalling the story, Kyle explained how he told his wife the bad news, "I said, 'Honey, I've lost the GoPro.' [To which she replied,] 'WHAT!'"

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7. Breaking The Bad News

It was true. The GoPro was gone forever. Or so they thought... But miracles can really happen, and sometimes Fate has a strange way of working. But it just so happened, that that wasn't the end of the GoPro's story, as it kept filming, and filming, whilst sat at the bottom of the Temperance river. That was until this particular day exactly one year later...

"As soon as I hit the water, I knew that it came off," Kyle recalls, a little soberly. "As long as I could be down there, holding my breath, I tried to find it, and, I just couldn't."

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8. One Year Later

Kyle eventually concluded that his GoPro was irretrievably lost, "It's gone forever. I'll never see it again." But almost a year later to the day Kyle had lost his GoPro, others visiting Minnesota's gorgeous river spot decided to take a dip in the beautiful, cool waters. In fact, it was two brothers who had decided to take a Saturday trip to the Temperance river...

Chris Flores and his brother had planned to take a trip to the Temperance river, and swim around in the waters, spotting some fish that were known to live in that area of Minnesota.

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9. Two Brothers Snorkelling

Chris Flores explains, "My brother and I, we were up at Temperance river, and we had some snorkels that we had purchased." The two brothers found a number of items in the water, including a skateboard and some construction debris. But little did Chris Flores know, he was about to find something else in the water that would bring two strangers together...

The light shone just at the right moment, and something metal glinted at the bottom of the Temperance river. Chris's brother dove down to retrieve it, and when he resurfaced, he realized what he had found.

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10. The Incredible Discovery

Chris's brother had found a GoPro camera, resting at the bottom of Minnesota's Temperance river. They resurfaced and sat at the edge of the rocks, discovering that the camera was still in perfect condition inside its waterproof casing. As Chris's brother already owned a GoPro, he gave it to Chris, who was delighted with the find.

It was as if Christmas had came early for Chris, who had always wanted a GoPro. When asked if he was excited at that moment to get a GoPro, Chris replied, "Oh, for sure!"

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11. Seeing The Footage

But that all changed, when Chris decided to take a look at the memory disc that had already been in the GoPro when they first found it. Chris's thoughts on keeping the GoPro for himself changed drastically when he decided to watch the memories that the previous owner of the GoPro had made, all at Minnesota's Temperance river too.

There were video clips of the previous owner's wife with his child, and after watching the videos of this family together, Chris's heart sank.

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12. The Heart-Breaking Footage

Some poor man had lost his GoPro that contained photos and videos of real memories of a family - and they had lost all of these memories forever. Chris realized that the GoPro could never belong to him. The more he saw, the sadder he grew, knowing that he held the captured memories of a young family in his hands.

It turned out that the man had a little son too, as well as a daughter, and even the grandfather was in the water in the background. These were very previous memories that belonged to somebody.

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13. Lives Of Families

Chris had found the GoPro underwater, but knew what he had to do. He wouldn't be able to keep the GoPro for himself, he was going to have to find the owner of the GoPro, and return it to him, whoever he was. But one of the main reasons for Chris's empathy towards a family's memories was more heart-breaking than you can imagine...

Realizing that these memories belonged to a family hit home for Chris. He explained, "It's all so fleeting, we're..." he shrugged, "we're not guaranteed tomorrow."

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14. Chris's Hope

Chris then explained something heart-breaking that had happened to him, exactly one year prior. This was why he needed to reunited the owner with his GoPro, because memories like these don't last forever, and the importance of memories is so significant, Chris didn't want anyone else to lose any of the precious moments he had...

This is a photo of Chris and his four-month-old baby daughter. The photo was taken exactly one day before something truly horrible happened...

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15. The Day It Happened

Chris's baby daughter Morelle had a heart attack. "My wife and the other two kids were gone,and, um, so I had to give her CPR, and, um," he cleared his throat, clearly finding it difficult to talk about, "so she had a tumor the size of a pingpong ball in the left ventricle of her heart."

Even at such a young age, Chris's little baby daughter Morelle had to go into heart surgery. There was very little chance that she was going to survive.

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16. The Importance Of Memories

Having been through such a terrible ordeal as that, and being a father of three, Chris understood how important it was to cherish the memories you spend with your family, especially your children. Chris loved his children dearly, and realizing this GoPro belonged to a father, just like him, he decided he would do his absolute best to get the GoPro back to its original owner.

Chris decided to watch as much of the footage as possible, to discover who the owner of the GoPro was. This would be the most effective way of figuring out who owned the GoPro.

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17. Searching Through The Footage

But little did Chris know he was about to come across some footage that would absolutely shock him. It turned out the owner of the GoPro wasn't just a fun-loving family man, but he had a completely different side to him that Chris had not even considered to expect. After scrolling back through the memory stick, this is what Chris found...

It was a military operation! Chris recognized the uniform immediately, and knew that whoever owned the GoPro had also used it as a tool to record their operation.

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18. The GoPro's Extra Footage

It was a SWAT team training video that the GoPro owner had recorded using the exact same GoPro just days before their trip to the Temperance river in Minnesota. Whilst Chris watched, intrigued by what he had found, he tried to work out how he could possibly identify the man who owned the GoPro. Firstly, the GoPro owner was a Sheriff of some sort.

It was a SWAT team practice where they had to break into a building and secure it, as safely as possible. This would have been a training practice for potential real life scenarios.

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19. The SWAT Team Training

Chris watched eagerly as the video rolled on, trying to pause the video every so often to see if there were any identifiable things that could suggest where the men were, where they were from, or who else was in the video. Perhaps finding one of their names or something would make it easier to find the GoPro owner. Then, Chris spotted this...

Chris managed to spot that when the men were outside, he could clearly see that they had badges on their arms. He quickly paused the tape and zoomed in on it...

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20. A Phenomenal Find

The SWAT team were from Chicago county, and it was one of the Sheriffs that owned the GoPro. Chris Flores had managed to identify exactly where the man came from, and who he was - it was a man named Sergeant Kyle Puelston. Immediately, Chris kept on tracking the man down...

When being interviewed about Chris's discovery of finding out who owned the GoPro, the interviewer said, "That was a bit sleuthy." Chris laughed in response.

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21. Grinning At The Discovery

Chris replied, "Yeah! Maybe they should hire me," laughing at how he had managed to use his own skills in computing to identify the GoPro owner. "I'll take a job at the police department," he smiled. But that wasn't the end of the story. Chris managed to get in contact with Kyle Puelston, who had lost his GoPro the year before, and this happened...

Almost echoing Chris's words, Sergeant Kyle Puelston said after discovering the lengths that Chris had gone to just to track him down, "Maybe we should hire him."

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22. The Impressed Sergeant

Kyle was so incredibly pleased with the kindness Chris had shown by trying to get in contact with him and returning the GoPro, he said, "It's testament to his character." So pleased with having somebody actually find the GoPro and trying to return it to him, Kyle decided to let Chris keep the GoPro camera, and to just send him the video card instead.

Even more memories were made with the GoPro camera that now officially belonged to Chris Flores, but even that wasn't the end of the story...

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23. The Camera's Life

Kyle got to keep all the memories of his trip to the Temperance river with his family, and watch through all the fun times they had, whilst giving Chris the opportunity to record the moments with his family, his wife, and his three children. It turned out that a year later, Chris's baby daughter Morelle was finally recovering.

Finally, Chris could record memories of his own, like his little daughter's second birthday. This was the exact kind of moment Kyle hoped Chris would be able to use the GoPro for.

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24. Morelle's Recovery

In the little video of Chris and his family, Chris's wife holds Morelle before saying, "Do you want to go to Daddy?" Then little baby Morelle repeated, smiling at her father, "Daddy!" before reaching over to fall into her Daddy's arms. Chris, speaking to his baby girl, says, "You gonna say hi?" "Hi!" she replies happily. Morelle was finally a happy, healthy baby.

This incredible story of moral values, family love and the importance of memories with treasured ones just goes to show how sometimes two people's lives can be intwined through the power of family.

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25. A Beautiful Story Of Families

Both of these two men had their own separate lives, but knew what the importance of family really was, and respected each other's families and cherished memories. It's a beautiful story where two strangers really do cross paths in the most bizarre of ways. Speaking about losing the GoPro camera in the first place, Kyle said, "Oh yeah, I'm totally glad it happened now. It's an awesome story."

Chris said of the story, "We'll definitely be doing some GoPro video." Then he looked at Morelle, "Soon she'll be the one jumping off the cliff!" It just goes to show that perhaps Fate really does interfere with our lives!