16 Ways You Can Tell When A Guy Wants To Break Up With You

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Relationships are hard work and the sad truth is that sometimes they just don't work out.

For a lot of people, the most painful breakups are those where you didn't see it coming. Perhaps you thought it was going well and were completely oblivious to the fact that your partner had lost all interest in the relationship.

Or maybe you had seen some of the signs indicating that the love was dying out but were hoping it could still be saved.

Well, here are 16 full-proof ways you can tell he's about to end your relationship for good (or is thinking about it at the very least).

But first, listen to these men explain the signs they give off when they're ready for a break up:

1. He develops a sudden interest in anything not involving the relationship

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While it is true that both parties should try to maintain their individuality as much as possible in the relationship, it is probably a cause for concern if one is being a lot more independent than usual.

If he suddenly starts spending his free time doing things that deliberately don't involve you, then he's probably just a step away from breaking things off for good.

2. The sex isn't as frequent as it used to be

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Sex is an important part of most relationships and if your man seems unwilling to get it on with you, that's a bad sign. It could potentially mean that he's having an affair or simply that his desire to have sex with you has run its course.

3. He starts working late more than he used to

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Of course, this does depend on what exactly your man does for a living, but if his work takes precedence over the time he could have spent with you, then be prepared for the day that he decides he doesn't want to see you at any time of day.

4. He doesn't want to do anything with you anymore

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If you have the feeling he doesn't want to spend time with you, then there might just be something to it. While suspicions aren't necessarily always true, usually they don't just arise out of nowhere.

Perhaps he seems reluctant to do the same things with you that he used to enjoy doing. Or maybe, he never suggests that the two of you spend time together.

5. He starts meeting up with old girlfriends

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While it would be ideal to be entirely uncomfortable with the fact that your man still cares about his exes, often this is a difficult feat. Jealousy can cause huge rifts in relationships. And yes jealousy can stem from your own insecurities and paranoia but if your boyfriend prefers to spend time with his exes than with you, your envy is probably justified.

6. He is constantly on his phone

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The worst case scenario here is that he's texting, or rather sexting, another girl. But it could simply mean your company is so unsatisfying to him, that he feels there's a void that browsing through his phone fills, to an extent.

7. He no longer notices when you've made an effort

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When you've made an effort to do something nice for your boyfriend, it can really warm your heart if he acknowledges it. Whether it's about your appearance or a special dinner you've made him, it can make all the difference if he lets you know that he appreciates it. If he stops doing this completely, chances are he's considering breaking things off.

8. He stops taking you as his plus one

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When you take your partner somewhere as your plus one, you're basically saying to the world "this is the person I'm proud to call my other half". So if your boyfriend stops asking you to join him and his friends, that probably means he's less fond of your relationship, and that's putting it lightly.

9. He's always in a bad mood

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There's no reason for your guy to be continuously cranky unless there genuinely is something go wrong in his life. If there seems to be no cause for concern in all aspects of his life but he somehow manages to take his built up frustration out on you, he could be on the verge of breaking up with you and that's probably for the best.

10. He feels excessively guilty after you've had a disagreement

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It takes a mature person to admit that they're wrong and apologize. But if your boyfriend constantly switches from letting his frustration out on you to being overly apologetic and guilty afterward, that's a bad sign. It's a bad sign because he's probably not just feeling guilty for not treating you well but for showing you how little he really thinks of the relationship.

11. The conversation feels forced

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When you've been with your beau a certain amount of time, forced conversations really shouldn't be a thing. If they are, he's probably looking for the easiest escape route.

12. He criticizes every little thing you do

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If your partner keeps nitpicking at every little thing you do or say, it's fair to say, he's probably fed up with the relationship and only associates you with all things negative.

13. He has stopped showing any kind of affection

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It goes without saying, but if he doesn't want to share any kind of intimacy with you, the romantic and sexual spark has probably fled your relationship for good.

14. You feel more alone when you're with him than when you're actually alone

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Feeling lonely is one of the worst feelings in the world, and when you're in a loving relationship, it's an emotion you shouldn't be feeling. If you are feeling lonely, then perhaps it's not so loving after all.

15. His friends have started being cold to you

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If his friends used to be nice to you, but you have noticed they're now a lot more distant, then chances are he hasn't been saying the nicest things about you to them.

16. You're putting in all the effort

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If you feel like you're the one holding the relationship together, there's clearly no interest on his part and it's going to fall apart sooner or later.

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So there you have it: if your partner is displaying any of these worrying signs, the chances are he is on the verge of breaking up with you. Of course, every circumstance is different and you do have to take into account that sometimes issues that people are dealing with filter into their relationships. But on the whole, the points on this list are strong indicators that the relationship is not going to last.